What Is ClickBank University About? – Is it Worth the Money?

Welcome to my ClickBank University Review

ClickBank University was found in 2013 by Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, and Justin Atlan with the aim of helping digital products makers and affiliate marketers make more money online. They teach them on how to market products to attract more customers.

Overall, the program has good training but is not my #1 choice. If you intend to make money online as an affiliate, then I highly recommend you this affiliate training center. They have a large experience in affiliate marketing, 14 years, and have produced lots of success stories.

Well, if you want to sell your own digital products, CBU is a great choice. But before you buy anything from them I advise you to read my review to the end because I will present some details of the program that you may not like.

A Quick Summary Of CBU 2.0

What is ClickBank University aboutProduct Name: ClickBank University 2.0

Founders: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan in 2013

Product Type: Digital Product Creation and Marketing Course

Price: $47/month + $594 Upsell

Best For: Anyone who wants to create and sell digital products online

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes


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What Is ClickBank University About

The first program started in 2013 and was later upgraded to CBU 2.0 in 2017.

ClickBank University 2.0 provides an amazing course with the aim of helping people create their products, mostly digital products and help them to tell people about it on ClickBank.com and make money when they are sold.

CBU 2.0 also has an affiliate marketing course to help people get familiar with it; you should know that ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces in the world where digital products are sold.

They also help others to make money by allowing them to sell vendors products but CBU main goal is teaching people how to create digital products and sell them on ClickBank.

How Does ClickBank University Works and How To Make Money With It

An exclusive 12 weeks training mainly for vendors

ClickBank University cares a lot about vendors, that is why they put together an informative and broad training program for them. The aim of this program is to help vendors create their digital products and help them sell it online. The training covers a lot of topics, some of them includes:

  1. How to get the right niche and which type of product to sell?
  2. How to create avatars for customers?
  3. How to make a product (digital)?
  4. How to create pages both landing and squeeze?
  5. How to scale your business on ClickBank?
  6. How to entice affiliates to market your products?
  7. How to generate traffic to your page (landing page)?

ClickBank University training for vendors

CBU is the right place to share your knowledge by creating your product and sharing it with the world because of the knowledge it offers and the skills one can learn from them.

You should know that all of these training is on a weekly basis. It includes a step by step method and contains videos and PDFs to read.

An affiliate marketing training program for 8 weeks

Another important part of their training is an 8-week training which is aimed at teaching affiliate marketers how to promote other people’s product on ClickBank.

So, ClickBank is not just for product makers only, they also help others to take part by helping them to become affiliate marketers. All they need to do is promote people’s product on the platform, and when the products are purchased through their links, they get a commission.

But their affiliates training is not as broad like the training for vendors; this is because ClickBank places less interest on affiliates marketing. But the information provided is the right tool required for beginners to get into the world of affiliate marketing.

As I said above, if you want to learn how to make money in affiliate marketing then you should start with this affiliate training center.

ClickBank Builder 2.0

This is a very useful tool by ClickBank University, but it is also a tactic to hook you up with them. They won’t tell you about this in their sales videos, but you will only get to know after you started the program.

The main function of this product is to help you create professional websites, landing pages and offer pages using beautiful templates. However, the scheme there is that, it cost $594 for lifetime access but is quite expensive for a builder.

There are other cheap builders which cost way less than that. Why should you pay $594 + $47*12 months = $1158 for this when you could buy Thrive Architect for $67?

But the builder is also very useful because it is created by them to that you can easily customize your ClickBank offers. So, you need to buy it if you just started learning, although, it is not compulsory. But if you not buying it makes difficult to understand the training offered by them. It’s a bit complicated, is it?

And also, by using ClickBank builder you need to host your website with them by paying them money for it, this makes it difficult to move your website elsewhere.

ClickBank University Live Q&A and Forum

Live question and answer coverage every week with Adam and Justin

Adam and Justin who are co-founders of ClickBank University provide a webinar every week where questions asked by members are answered. These webinars are usually recorded so that they can be watched at any time for better understanding of the materials.

This is a way of keeping members in their community and increasing their income. Once members are done with the course, they are most likely to cancel their membership and leave, but with the live Q&A program every week, such members are likely to stay.

Another important thing to note about the Q&A is that the webinar is usually messy because a lot of question is being asked and answered.

A Facebook Support Group

ClickBank provides amazing support to its member through its forum and a private Facebook group. The members participate in this group regularly, and some of the co-founders’ Adam and Justin join in the group sometimes too.

But comparing to other affiliate groups, you can say it is not that active. Take a look at the training platform that I recommend and you will see a huge community with over 1,400,000 members.


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ClickBank University Click Toolkit

To complete a successful training with ClickBank, you need a lot of tools and resources, such as your website domain, Email Services Provider (ESP) and a lot of other tools.

ClickBank University will help you in the purchase of other these tools and services during the course of your training using their affiliate links. They do this because you cannot complete the training without these tools.

Pros and Cons of ClickBank University


1. Thirty days money back guarantee

This is one of the CBU features. ClickBank does not offer a 1-day free trial for $1 anymore but instead, they offer something better. You can get your money refund back to you within 30 days if you no longer want to continue with the training.

Is this not nice! This looks like a free trial a little bit.

2. Earn as much you can, there is no limit

ClickBank is one of the biggest digital marketplaces online as mentioned earlier and there are a lot of people who work fulltime and makes up to six-figure income from ClickBank.

This shows that ClickBank University knows what they are doing and where they are going to.  You can also know this from their programs and training, which can stand as one of the best in the world.


1. They have a lot of training locked

One of the problem vendors and affiliate markets experience is that you can’t watch all the videos once you join. They will only let you watch some videos and unlock the rest after you are done with one given to you.

This can be annoying to some people because they paid for the course fully and are having limited access. But this is one of their tactics to keep you in the game before the 30 days’ trial elapse.

2. They only teach you about paid traffic

Another disadvantage of ClickBank is that they only teach you about paid traffic and the paid traffic they teach is limited to Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencer Marketing.

How to do paid traffic on ClickBank University

They don’t teach important things like content marketing or social media marketing, and even SEO which is Search Engine Optimization.

Apart from that you also need to invest some money in paid traffic, which increases the money you are spending on ClickBank without a guarantee that you will get returns any time soon.

3. Weak weekly webinars

Their weekly webinars do not provide strong information to the audience, this is because a lot of questions are being asked and answered randomly. Another thing is that the questions are for beginners so you won’t find much information there.

4. ClickBank Builder

There are a lot of problems with the new ClickBank Builder product. First of all, it is quite expensive when compared with other builders in the market, and you must host the website at ClickBank before you can use the builder.

The training CBU offers cannot be completed without buying this builder, so this builder is a very important part of ClickBank University training, and they didn’t mention this in their sale videos that there is an upsell like this.

5. Lack of enough training for affiliates

CBU 2.0 only provides a broad and informative training for vendors while neglecting the affiliates marketers to an extent.

So, if you are in ClickBank University to learn how to promote other people’s business. You will soon realize that it is not the right place for this. But if you want to learn how to make digital products and promote them, you are in the right place.

Well, if you want to learn how to promote ClickBank products and not only, then check for my #1 Recommendation Here.

Is ClickBank University 2.0 a Scam?

CBU 2.0 is not a scam at all, because if you take a look at the training and resources provided by its founders, you will find out that they can help you generate a lot of funds.

People all of the globe can also testify to ClickBank authenticity. And I can proudly refer people to ClickBank to make extra money for themselves.

Is ClickBank University 2.0 Worth The Money?

As mentioned earlier ClickBank University can help you make a lot of money but it is quite expensive and takes time to master. You can get back the money you invested if you succeed in your business.

But you should be careful when going into ClickBank because not everyone gains money from it because it is time-consuming, so they give up on the way.

Well, if you ask me if it is worth the money, my answer is Yes.

My Honest Advice To You

I would highly recommend ClickBank University to those who are interested in creating their own digital products and who want to learn how to sell them. So, if you are that person then join with them as you will learn a lot of good things from CBU.

Otherwise, if your goal is to become a successful affiliate marketer then Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to start, grow and scale your business.

Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank University Review

My top recommended affiliate marketing program is Wealthy Affiliate.

So, if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and want to promote ClickBank products, then I advise you to start with the Wealthy Affiliate program. Moreover, you will learn not only how to promote digital products but also from many other different platforms, such as Amazon.

No worries, to join Wealthy Affiliate is completely Free. As a member of WA, you will get step-by-step training, also, 2 free websites to start building your online business in affiliate marketing.


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