How to Improve Your Website Ranking in the Search Engine

Every website owner’s aim is to increase their website ranking on any search engine, especially Google. It will be very interesting to find out that your site is the first to show up when a random person searches for information.

However, before you can achieve this goal, there are certain steps that must be followed. Below I will present a couple of them to help you get to the front page of Google and not only.

#1 Make sure you post contents that are of use to people and select a good keyword

All good content will propel you to high ranks, make sure your content has information that is valuable to users. If users find this content interesting, it will increase the traffic on your site. This traffic will make your site relevant.

In creating your content, make sure you use keywords or phrases that you think users will most likely search for.

Keywords or phrases are not difficult to create. To create your keyword or phrase, you can just ask yourself ‘what will you input if you want to search for your content?

Click on the image below, to watch the video.

Alphabet Soup Technique for website ranking

Alphabet Soup Technique – 2019 Edition

After you have decided the keyword or phrase, make sure they are written in bold or italics or better still underlined.

Do not repeat the same keyword over and over, this is because one of the factors Google looks out for is how often your keyword occur or better still the density of your keywords.

After you have picked a keyword, you can use it to make a beautiful paragraph summarising what your content is about.

Though, if you encounter difficulties in searching for keywords may you need a keyword research tool to make the job easier for you. I personally use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Click on the image below to watch the video. Also, you can read my Jaaxy Review Here.

Jaaxy Keyword Mastery Tool for website ranking

Keyword Mastery – Keywords are the Foundation of Your Success

#2 Try to update your content from time to time

Make sure you feed your contents with new information. This is to further draw users to your site. Doing otherwise might kill the site.

To increase your website ranking on Google, it is advised to constantly update the contents of your site.

#3 Pick a URL and don’t change it

Select a specific URL and stick to it, as constantly changing URL is not a good idea.

This is because, if you have existing links, changing URL can break these links and there might not be redirects to this link. This can reduce your website ranking on search engines.

#4 Make sure you check how fast your website is

If your website loads fast, users will find it benefiting thus increasing the number of users on your page. It is advised to check how fast your site loads from time to time.

Studies have shown that users tend to abandon pages that take more than five seconds to load. So keep checking the speed at different locations from time to time.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check your website speed or any page from it. It’s easy to use, just insert the URL of the page that you want to check and click Analyze.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Example of Wikipedia main page analyze

#5 An interesting look can help your website ranking

To give your website a good look means you are to arrange your contents properly.

This is like building a house, some houses look beautiful and attracting, while some look just dull. The beautiful houses attract more people, isn’t it? This is exactly what happens to your site if it is properly arranged.

After arranging your contents properly, you should make sure your website doesn’t take more than three clicks to bring out the important part of your contents. Your content should be easy to assess. That is the aim of a good site.

Aside from traffic to your site, Google ranks website that has its contents and pages well-organized higher.

#6 Check your website’s current ranking

This will help you know whether your site is leading or lagging and also will help you know how to improve on your site.

You should also check how your site responds when different keywords are searched on your site and at different locations.

There are many tools on the internet that can help you to check your website rank. As I mentioned above, I’m using Jaaxy, which offers me a lot of advantages besides those listed so far. Check my Jaaxy Review Here.

How to improve your website ranking on search engines

#7 It is not advised to use flash

Many website users make use of flash because it is cheap, but the truth is Google gives small ranks to people who used flash to set up their website.

Want to know more about flash and non-flash websites? Click Here for more information.

#8 Your website should have page titles

It is advised to give titles to your pages. This gives users the insight of what your page is all about.

Your title pages should be short as possible containing about 50-60 words at most.

You should note that if your page doesn’t have a name, a user might not find it interesting. Pick a nice and catchy name for your page.

Your website should have page titles

Website Page Title

#9 A mobile-friendly site, increase your website ranking on Google.

Use an updated and mobile-friendly theme for your website.

Google tends to rank higher all websites that are mobile friendly because Google finds this as a high ranking signal. Giving users the freedom to assess your site from anywhere will increase traffic on your site, thus higher ranking.

#10 Alternative text descriptions can raise your website ranking

If your site contains pictures or videos, they can have words that describe them. These words can serve as keywords that allow users to locate your page.

These ALT tags increase the chances of your website to be found on time increasing its ranking.

Alternative text descriptions increase your website ranking on Google

Alternative text descriptions

#11 Broken links will decrease your website ranking on Google

A lot of website owners totally ignore broken links. This, however, is not good for your site especially if you want your site to be ranked higher. So if you notice any link that is broken, you should try to fix it.

#12 A image friendly site will raise your website ranking on search engines

You can achieve this by adding pictures or images to your content. You should have it in mind that huge images tend to reduce the speed of your site. Try as much as possible to compress them.

#13 Make sure your site is readable

If you want people to visit your site, use a language they can read and understand. Don’t use terms that might be difficult for people to comprehend, try as much as possible to use simple words.

#14 A good Meta Description helps to rank your website higher on Google

The Meta Description is a short description of what the page/post is about, that is shown by search engines.

The official Meta Description Limit is 160 characters, but I always try to keep it at no more than 155 characters. There is no an official minimum limit, however, it is good to keep it above 120 characters.

The ideal length of a meta description

Meta Description

It is highly recommended to use your main keyword in your meta description, as well as in the SEO title and the permalink.

#15 Make use of Internal & External Links

Internal links are good for your website SEO because they allow both reader and Google to better navigate and crawl your website. Try to include them when are useful and in relevant content.

On the other hand, external links are hyperlinks to other websites and, as well, help to improve SEO on your website. These links show to Google and other search engines that you are trying to give as much value to your readers as possible by offering them relevant information.

For more information about Internal & External Links, click on the image below to watch the video.

A quick video tutorial that illustrates the difference between internal links, external links, and backlinks and how to create them

Internal Links vs External Links vs Backlinks


You can share your website on social media platforms thus increasing the traffic on your site. Make sure you follow the tips above and very soon you will find out that your website is making it to the top.

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