The Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama Review

In the world of affiliate marketing training platforms, Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are two of the largest. You are probably thinking of which one you should opt for since they both seem similar.

Before going further, let me state that I am a member of both platforms. This means I will be unbiased in my comparison and opinion about both platforms.

However, you will eventually find that one of the platforms is more suited for you than another. So, let’s take a look which one is that.

Quick Overview of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Platform ImageFirst of all, Wealthy Affiliate is free for starters, but when you want to upgrade to the premium package, you will have to pay $49 monthly, and there is no upsells.

You can be a free member on Wealthy Affiliate as long as you want, and you are not asked for payment information, meaning that you can access its free tools and resources for as long as you want.

The Free Membership allows you to get 10 lessons about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how to set up a free website.

To get to the Premium training, you must have upgraded. This gets you the possibility to access the Official Step-By-Step Training, that means 50 intensive lessons on affiliate marketing, which tutors you on everything about a profitable and successful affiliate program.

You will have access to the weekly live webinars, as well as thousands of training done by the community of fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. You will have the chance to discuss with WA members, who are professionals in the field and learn from them too.

Also, you will get access to the Affiliate Bootcamp Training, that means 70 lessons. This course is perfect for you if you decide to build your business in the ”Make Money Online” niche.

Check Out What it Means to Be Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate Here!


The support team is excellent, as you are availed with a professional support team, every second of the day, from WA owners, and WA members that run in thousands. With over 1.4 MILLION active members, Wealthy Affiliate Platform is definitely a place that you can get help easily.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Center

Other Resources

Even as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will benefit a lot from its free resources such as Web Hosting, Website Builder, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool or Virus & Malware protection for your websites.

However, the premium membership gives you much more such as Website Backup, Website Security Package, free SSL certificate, Plagiarism Checker, more than 40 free WordPress websites, also and free hosting and much more.

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Quick Overview of Affilorama

Affilorama PlatformAffilorama offers the free membership package too, which has basic features. Upgrading to the premium package allows you to have access to its features.

Free Membership: Its Free membership offers you over eight video tutorials, and notes that cover a lot of aspects in setting up an online affiliate marketing business, PPC, SEO, and other interviews.

Premium Membership: Upgrading to the Premium Membership offers you a lot of affiliate marketing training and resources like interviews and webinars.

In fact, premium membership in Affilorama means the upsells. If you want more training from them you have to upgrade to another premium program which actually is Affilorama Path2Passive ($37), AffiloBlueprint ($197) and AffiloJetpack 2.0 ($997).


You can use email or call, but it is not 24/7 like its counterpart. There is also a forum that allows you to ask for help from other members of the forum.

You could also get help from Mark Ling, the Affilorama creator. Though Mark Ling is a busy person, sometimes, he still makes himself available to help.

Other Resources

Affilorama offers other resources like AffiloTheme – a comprehensive WordPress theme, which costs $97 and AffiloTools, which is free for every Affilorama member. However, if you want more from AffiloTools you can opt-in for a monthly package. Below you can see the Pricing Plans for AffiloTools.

AffiloTools from Affilorama

Here is my Affilorama review

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama – What Is My Favorite Platform?

Well, if I am to make a choice between both, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate. After using both, I think I love Wealthy Affiliate than its counterpart, because of the reasons below:

1. Wealthy Affiliate is known to be far cheaper than Affilorama. If you want to learn a lot and pay very little, then you can opt for the Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Affilorama is not regularly updated. They have a stock of outdated information and tools and do not spend time updating it. Sometimes, I feel the owners may have forgotten about it, but the case is different with Wealthy Affiliate. In WA, both resources and training are updated and are very thorough. I am a lover of Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Wealthy Affiliate has better support than Affilorama. You can easily chat up the owners, access the live support option, or even chat fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. Their 24/7 professional support is so innovative.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama – Its Pricing


Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are known to have free membership package, which both have innovative features, tools, and training. The free membership from both does not come with a limited trial period, meaning that you can easily use the Free membership option anytime you want it.

They also have a premium promotion phase, where you can enjoy the benefits of the premium membership for less money. The offers are only eligible to those who upgrade within 7 days of using the platform for Wealthy Affiliate and 3 days for Affilorama (only for Path2Passive).


Wealthy Affiliate charges for the Premium Membership are $49 monthly or $359 yearly. Basically, if you decide to pay yearly it will cost you only $29,91 per month. And that’s all, there’s no more other upsells in Wealthy Affiliate. For this amount, you can use all its resources.

The Affilorama doesn’t have any yearly payment plan but one time charges for premium products. You will have to pay monthly only for AffiloTools in case if you will change your package from free to paid one.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama – The Training

Free Training

WA offers ten lessons that act as starters for the free members. The lesson usually cover understanding how money is made online, choosing a niche, creating a niche website, introducing you to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, setting up a website, creating on your website custom menus, understanding how keywords work, how to ensure your site is noticed by search engines, creating the right website content, and lots more.

Affilorama offers you a free training experience that allows you to have access to over eight video tutorials, alongside written notes that touch a lot of aspects on affiliate marketing. They include the fundamentals of the affiliate marketing, what SEO, PPC, Email marketing, hosting, domain setting up are about.

In the Free training session, you can say Affilorama seems better than the Wealthy Affiliate, but the Premium membership bears a different tale.

Premium Training

When Premium training, tools, and resources are concerned, the Wealthy Affiliate seems far better than that of the Affilorama Premium training. This is because Affilorama doesn’t have a lot to offer since it is not regularly updated.

What Affilorama Premium Training usually have is a few more videos, as well as an AffiloMagazine, where you can access a monthly interview, webinar and other resources that you can use.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is different as you have access to everything you will need in your online business.

There are over fifty affiliate marketing lessons, which are in depth. You will learn a lot from the Wealthy Affiliate because you will have access to new training daily, as well as the weekly training led by WA coach, Jay.

Users are privy to thousands of community training that covers a myriad of topics.

A great difference between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate is that WA has its training being updated continuously, while the same can’t be said of Affilorama training. A lot of training on Affilorama is usually outdated.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama – Support

When Support is considered, the Wealthy Affiliate beats Affilorama hands down. I am a lover of the Wealthy Affiliate support because once a member is confused, he or she gets clarified easily unlike with Affilorama.

The WA support system is seen as complete to me, as it has a technical support team that works every second of the day. They are involved in solving any problem that you may face on the website.

You also have access to the Live Chat, which works every second of the day, giving you the help you need immediately.

Also, you can send private messages to members of Wealthy Affiliate to allow them to help you directly. You can contact very experienced members easily.

You have access to the discussion areas in every training to prevent you from getting lost.

You can easily contact WA owners privately to make your inquiries.

Why wouldn’t I love a program like Wealthy Affiliate, when its support is out of this world!!!

Affilorama has its own supports, but they are not as out of this world as those of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can access the Affilorama Call Support from Monday to Friday- 5 pm to 1 am EST. Also, you can access the Email Support, and they reply within a day.

There is also a forum that allows you to ask for help from other members of the forum.

Wealthy Affiliate has a more comprehensive support system than the Affilorama.


Both of them are great, as they have innovative features, and are great if you want to succeed in the world of online marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Most especially, they are not scams and have thousands of users that testify to their wonders.

If I was asked to choose one, I would opt for the Wealthy Affiliate Program because of its incredible features, support, and lots more. The owners of WA are great participants, unlike those of Affilorama.

As I am a member of both platforms I could only suggest one thing. Join as a free member on each one, you don’t have to pay a dime for this. Navigate thru their free training, take a look to their premium membership and only after that decide with which one you want to continue.

Join Affilorama Free Membership Here!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Here!

I hope this article helped you to make a decision. If you are still unsure, please, feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply to you as promptly as possible.

All the best!


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  1. Never heard of Affilorama until now. Your review is quite detailed enough to help new users decide on which platform is best for them. I am a newbie to the affiliate marketing world and I can confess that Wealthy Affiliate is a really great community to learn, work and grow your online business. The lessons, tools and support are amazing.

  2. This was a very fair assessment and review you have put together comparing the similarities and differences between the Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama platforms. It is one of the best ones I have seen, actually, Oftentimes, reviewers forget to be objective and tend to favor one over the other and use handpicked data that supports their case.

    This goes both ways, as some swear by one and denigrate the other, depending on which one they are an affiliate for. This is not fair for the people that come by the posts looking for an honest evaluation. By including some of the main highlights (but not going too far into the weeds) of each, I think you have provided a valuable service with this post.

    Since both offer a free plan starting out, the curious would-be online marketer can simply sign up for both as you suggest and see for themselves. I have tried both, by the way, and the one I really use most often is Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is excellent, updated and current, and the many features and active community helps keep it salient and important for my online business.

    For the budding online marketer, the key is to get some solid training to get you on the right track starting out. There are still too many less than stellar programs out there that are overpriced and they mostly underdeliver or are outright scams. This is an unfortunate truth.

    I definitely agree with you that people should sign up for both if they have any doubt or just want to see for themselves which might be better for their needs. This online marketing business is a wide open field, and there are many segments you can enter. 

    Getting that solid base from which to grow that market segment, no matter if it is affiliate marketing or something else can be learned with these platforms (Wealthy Affiliate has more bang for the buck IMO). The new marketer will save time, money, and effort by getting the straight story and support they need from the get-go. Good post, thanks!  

  3. This is a really helpful overview of the two training programs for affiliate marketing online.

    A good tip for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing is to look for reputable training programs and these two fit the job well. The downside is, Affilorama, like the author says, contains outdated stuff. Other training programs or promises to help guide you along the way usually have high entrance fees and it really puts people off. The reason we wanna get into affiliate marketing is to help ourselves earn a side income, don’t we?

    Wealthy Affiliate’s starter membership fits the bill for that. It gives you access to a section of training that’s sufficient to kickstart your affiliate career.

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for the comment!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. That’s why is my #1 Recommendation. 🙂

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