The Six Figure Mentors Review – Here Are The Facts You Should Know

Welcome to my Six Figure Mentors Review.

On the internet today, there are so many reviews about the Six Figure Mentors, some of them promoting it, while others dismiss it as a scam.

In this post, I will reveal to you what you need to know about SFM to determine if it is a great way of making money or something that you should steer clear of.

Read it, as you will find facts that you should know before you decide to join them.

A Quick Summary of SFM

The Six Figure Mentors ReviewProduct Name: The Six Figure Mentors (Click Here)

Founder: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross in 2011

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training + Membership

Price: Depending on Membership Level (see their payout-structure here)

Best For: SFM owners + Top 1-2% of its members

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


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What Is The Six Figure Mentors About?

The Six Figure Mentors is owned by Stuart Ross alongside Jay Kubassek who both are known to have run some companies that eventually crashed.

Stuart hails from England while Jay is from Canada. They have both been successful online before, with Stuart being known in affiliate marketing and Jay is known as have been good in the MLM sector.

About the founders of The Six Figure Mentors Program

The Six Figure Mentors program refer to itself as a company that engages in affiliate marketing. They provide training and services that are centered on online marketing at different levels of memberships and a lot of upsells. You will also be provided with different marketing resources aimed at helping individuals to generate income online.

SFM claims to use their training to help you live an internet laptop lifestyle by teaching you on how you can earn more by working less so that you can live like Stuart & Jay.

From SFM, you are expected to acquire the knowledge, the training, and the resources needed to have a thriving online business.

You are made to believe that your focus should be placed on high-ticket sales alone and their level of persuasion will easily draw you in by giving you hopes of receiving huge commissions from making a sale.

Below is a video explanation on SFM by Stuart Ross, the Co-Founder of the program.

The Six Figure Mentors Resources and Memberships

SFM has basically put together a collection of resources for you which include Marketing Banners, Custom Sales Funnels, Affiliate Links and Sales Pages, Custom Tracking Statistics, Custom Link Generator, and Custom Tracking Generator.

All that is required is that you follow the training, pay attention to your coach, and use any of the available tools to develop a website. Then, you have to do promotions for the landing page that they give to you. Unfortunately, there happen to be so many flaws with SFM, so, continue reading as I expose them.

Here is an outline of what the SFM membership looks like:

The SFM Affiliate Access Membership

Affiliate Access – Membership is free although access is very limited.


The SFM Membership Program

Student Access – For a fee of $29.95 and $25 per month, you can get access to SFM Digital Business System Introductory Module, also, learn how they can help you start the right business.

Essential Membership – For a fee of $297 and $97 per month, you can get access to all SFM Digital Business System, also all their training.

Elite Membership – For a fee of $2,500 per year and $97 per month, you can become an elite member.

You can’t be an Elite member if you are not an Essential membership. That means you should purchase SFM Essential first and after that to become Elite member.

Elite membership gives you access to everything from Essential, plus System Setup Certification and recurring exclusive webinars featuring prominent leaders and experts sharing knowledge.

Are you serious? Should I comment or not?

Folks, I will never ever pay them a dime. Honestly, I’m an affiliate marketer and I’ve learned this niche from Wealthy Affiliate, and everything I pay to access all their platform and features is $49 per month.

Let’s be serious, there is not on the internet a get-rich-quick scheme overnight, and SFM will not make you a millionaire overnight.

Moreover, WA is free to join, you don’t need a card to become a member.

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These are not all! They got more. Take a look below.

Digital Experts Academy from The Six Figure Mentors Program

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) Membership is another program which is combined with SFM, so, in order to gain more training and support they will advise you to take the next level:

#1 DEA Silver: $2,500 – Smoothly Transition to Full Time Self Employment

#2 DEA Gold: $8,000 – Turbo-Charge Your Ability to Be Securely Self Employed

#3 DEA Platinum: $11,000 – Become Your Own Brand that the World Wants to Know About

#4 DEA Black: $20,000 – Super Star League for Passionate Entrepreneurs

Should I comment on this?

Not only they are full of upsells, but also the company is full of high-ticket upsells. Take a look at their membership price and affiliate commissions on their payout structure.

As you can see commission for DEA are just 5-10%. That means the biggest winners of this business will be always the owners of the company.

How to Make Money with SFM

Making money with SFM basically follows these six steps.

1. Adverts

At first, you may see SFM adverts on a blog, on social media, or on YouTube and those ads lead to their capture page for leads.

2. Getting your email

Once you land on their capture page, your email address and name will be required and you will be offered a gift of free video training for 7 days on how you can live the laptop lifestyle.

3. Free 7-day training via videos

You will begin to get one free training video every day filmed by Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek. You will only be given a very basic intro on affiliate marketing while they trying to sell their business model by compelling you to join SFM.

4. Basic membership purchase

If you wish to proceed with Six Figure Mentors, you will have to buy the basic membership for starters for $29.25. Although this may look like a small investment, your access to the whole system is very limited. This is also the preliminary stage to the upcoming sells which await you.

5. SFM consultant contact

You get to a level where you’re required to contact your SFM consultant and, also, schedule a call on Skype with a business coach. Mostly, what they do is to provide answers, help you some more, and then encourage you to level up your membership by paying more money.

6. Upsells all the way

From this point forward, you come across upsells after upsells since SFM has many levels of memberships. Whenever you hit roadblocks, you may be required to upgrade your membership or get assistance.

Pros & Cons of SFM


  • Basic knowledge of affiliate marketing

The training you get from SFM can give you a foundation in the world of affiliate marketing. Although there are flaws, the system provides useful training and resources. The trainers are experts and know their stuff very well.

  • Remolding your perspective

Another great benefit is that their training is dedicated to setting the mind right because without the right mindset, developing the skill of persistence to succeed at something new will be unlikely, such as in online marketing.

  • Basic skills in online marketing

If you make payment, you will be able to get a firsthand experience of the SFM business model which will also give you tips and feels for website building.


× The free video series

It’s easy to feel that you’re being done a great favor with the free videos but this is just a baiting technique to get you to subscribe for their program. You get limited value for the videos and they just spend time talking about how rich they are.

× The application process

The SFM application process is just designed to make you feel that you’re signing up for something very special. It is a gimmick to impress you because if you walked up to them and offered full payment for the elite membership, they would not reject it,  would they?

× Elite membership coercion

Truth be told, there is really no value in the introduction, as well as, the basic membership. You’re not given any training at those levels just as was promised. Although you will be able to access some things like a landing page and giveaways, this is just meant to promote SFM.

× Why you’re getting trained

Although SFM provides training, you’re only being trained for the sole objective of promoting and selling the program. You can still get those pieces of training elsewhere for far lesser money.

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate Platform has a step-by-step training for its members? Moreover, as a Premium member (only $49/month) you can learn how to start, grow and maintain an online business in any niche you will want. Also, you can host up to 50 websites in total. And this is not all.

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The Six Figure Mentors Ugly Truths Revealed!

When it comes to the scam-free affiliate marketing business, you are not required to pay a dime for you to be an affiliate marketer. It is totally free of charge with the freedom to do promotions for products however you choose.

Affiliate marketing in itself is about promoting the products of a firm which translates into more sales and revenue for them. Should the company really charge you to do this for them?

On SFM, however, you are required to invest huge money for you to qualify for bigger affiliate commissions; as a free affiliate member, your commissions will be small.

Then again, there’s barely much that you can do with a free account on SFM since you get no access to tools and resources. It, therefore, isn’t ideal to expect a “free trial” since you would barely be trying anything.

Wealthy Affiliate Best Online Opportunity

Is Six Figure Mentors Worth Your Money?

Since the training from SFM is geared toward promoting their expensive affiliate program, a lot of people think that the system is a scam. Why would you have to part with so much money just to promote a program? This is a big turnoff.

You can be an affiliate marketer for a lot of companies without having to invest any money. Other than that, there is no problem in paying to get trained in order to become a better online marketer.

I have paid for training in the past from different sources but the fact that you have to vomit a huge amount just to get the same training from Six Figure Mentors is quite ridiculous.

What I Like About Six Figure Mentors

If you overlook the exorbitant price which you have to pay for the program, the SFM has a training system that could benefit you.

There are a lot of great marketing and technically-related topics that could assist you in building your own online marketing business

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

When it comes to the price factor, I would never recommend someone to invest in Six Figure Mentors. This is because there are better places to get the same training for a far lesser price.

In the end, the decision remains yours but take care not to fall prey to the numerous reviews that you see online which put SFM in a positive light. The program does not really add some much value to you.

My Favorite Affiliate Marketing Program

My #1 affiliate marketing program is Wealthy Affiliate. So, if you are a beginner in this niche and want to make money online then I highly recommend you to start with this platform.

Compared to SFM (that costs you a lot of money), joining Wealthy Affiliate is completely Free. As a member of WA, you will get step-by-step training, also, 2 free websites to start building your online business in affiliate marketing.

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