Is Survey Money Machines Scam? – Could You Really Make Extra Cash Online With It?

Getting cash payments by doing surveys would seem like the most astounding work on the planet. However, there are numerous threats related to it and it might likewise not be the most beneficial thing in which you can invest your time and energy.

Survey Money Machines seems to offer members a good opportunity to convert time spent as a survey panelist into quick cash. In this review, I will examine the authenticity of Survey Money Machines, its upsides and downsides, also, what individuals on the net consider it to be, and my verdict on it.

Quick Overview of Survey Money Machines

Product Name: Survey Money Machines

Founder: Founded by Hailey Gates

Product Type: Web Surveys Portal

Price: FREE to join

Best For: The owner, Hailey

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

What Is Survey Money Machines?

Survey Money Machines (SMM) is a website that enables you to make some additional money online by finishing studies. SMM claim that you can get be paid by doing on the web or telephone surveys, by watching movie trailers and experimenting with new products.

It is created by Hailey Gates, who guaranteed herself to be a housewife and earning substantial sums of money by doing overviews on the web.

Join Survey Money Machines

Though, you’re not going to do reviews and get paid straightforwardly on SMM website. Rather, SMM is only a stage that gathers a lot of overview organizations or what they called the “statistical surveying organization.” Along these lines, you’ll be coordinated to a wide range of organization websites to join and do reviews.

Hailey, the originator of Survey Money Machines, asserts that they are cooperating with more than 200 statistical surveying organizations, so you have loads of paid studies openings while working with them.

Actually, she is partnered with all these diverse organizations so she’ll get paid when you join with them.

Right off the bat, you’ll have to make a free record at SurveyMoneyMachine.com and Hailey will send you a 7-Day Email course which she said it’s to enable you to get more paid overviews openings and profit.

Be that as it may, since she’s associated with every one of these organizations, she’ll prescribe you to join with the greatest number of overview organizations as you can as the “procedure to get more chances and profit.” Truly, the more you join, the more cash she will make. Straightforward as that.

After you’ve joined with the overview organizations like Ipsos I-Say or Springboard America, they’ll give you studies to finish and reward you with Points, NOT Money!

You have to aggregate your points to a specific limit before you can withdraw money out or reclaim for different things.

How Do Survey Money Machines Work?

To sign up for the Survey Money Machines is pretty easy, as there are no cash requirements for signing up.

During sign up, you would be required to provide some personal details. The details required include your full name, email, country of residence, and zip code.

When this is done, you will then be redirected to another page on the website, where you would have to provide other details like gender, age, and others.

Once this is done, you become a registered member, and would immediately be provided with a list of survey companies to register with.

Hailey advises all members that the more you register with the survey companies provided, the better your chances of making money. When you click on the link provided to register with a survey company, you would then be redirected to the survey companies home page.

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How To Make Money With Survey Money Machines?

In order to make money with Survey Money Machines, you have to sign up for as many survey companies recommended by its proprietor.

When you sign up to these survey companies, you are employed to carry out surveys for them on certain products, in exchange for points. These points accumulate until a withdrawal limit is reached. When the withdrawal limit is achieved, you can then convert your points into cash.

Although sometimes, depending on the survey company, cash redemption may not be available. Another option would then be to acquire sweepstake auctions with your points.

Pros and Cons


  • The first one upside to Survey Money Machines is that you can sign up for free which means that you won’t be risking money invested because you didn’t have to invest any!
  • Survey Money Machines seems to be connected with a lot of legitimate survey companies, and so it has a good list of survey sites in which you can sign in to start earning money.
  • You can actually make some money, by carrying out surveys on the websites of these survey companies.
  • No special skill or qualifications is required to participate.


  • Above all else, it is relatively outlandish that you will gain the measure of cash they guaranteed you would win. As though this wasn’t sufficient, some review destinations won’t pay you until the point when you have achieved a specific limit of example, $150 and will hold your profit until the point when you finish studies and get paid such sum.
  • Other weakness is that by joining you will give them your email and will in all probability be assaulted with a great deal of spam from them.
  • Survey Money Machines isn’t straightforward in any way. It misleads you in nearly all that they say. They say that you will have the capacity to make nearly $500 per month at first and afterward a large number of dollars after some time. It additionally says that it is associated with advertising research organizations while it is connected with other overview destinations.
  • It takes an awfully long time for the Cash to start coming in.
  • In some cases, review organizations decline to pay you.
  • The only person getting rich with Survey Money Machines is the proprietor who earns commission while her members’ slave to earn useless points.
  • It devours a great deal of time, and you get not very many connections for finishing reviews once a day.
  • There are times where you need to pay with the end goal to finish item audits, which will be charged to your MasterCard or Visa.
  • You will get a bunch of connections to finish every day.
  • Will take up a great deal of your time for a little measure of cash.

Survey Money Machines – The Ugly Truth Revealed

Survey Money Machines is nothing uncommon. The proprietor alludes you to different free survey arranges and gains a commission when you agree to accept them.

When you give them your email address, you get seven days of messages that teach you to do what the proprietor of this site actually needs – commissions for the moves you make, not what is the best for you.

After you put in a few minutes setting up each profile with these different systems that Survey Money Machines refer to, you find out in no time that you’re not getting paid for surveys like you were guaranteed on their business page, you’re acquiring “points”.

You’ll likewise find rapidly that these gather at a horrendously moderate pace, making it for all intents and purposes difficult to get anything out of these surveys.

You’ll waste a huge amount of your time and be staggeringly baffled when you will not be paid as guaranteed at the beginning.

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam?

Survey Money Machines do not require a registration fee from the members, neither does it have any hidden charges that suddenly pops up after registration. Although there are some cash demands from the survey companies that SMM alludes to you, it is safe to say that it is free to access membership with Survey Money Machines.

what is survey money machines about
What Hailey Gates says about its commissions.

That means the only person that seems to get better of each deal, is the proprietor of Survey Money Machines. A quick search through the website of the provided survey companies shows that Hailey, the proprietor of SMM, makes a $4 commission for every member referred to the survey companies. This means that Hailey thrives while her members sweat.

All things being considered, there is no substantial evidence that proves Survey Money Machines to be a scam.

So, my final verdict on Survey Money Machines, even though it is a system programmed to enrich the proprietor, it is NOT a SCAM!


If you are on the lookout for ways to make a steady income, that will match the quality of the time you invest in it; then I do not recommend Survey Money Machines.

However, if you don’t mind taking a full-time job accumulating points which can be redeemed as sweepstake auctions, then this probably is for you.

Survey Money Machines is a system created to enrich the proprietor through modern day slavery (where you work for hours enriching the pocket of another). Therefore, I do not recommend it.

What I Recommend…

Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended online business. So, if you want to make money online, then I advise you to start with it.

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