Stack That Money Review – Is STM Worth The Price?

Stack That Money, which was founded in the year 2011 by Stackman, Lorenzo Green & Besmir, claims to be as an online premium marketing community for affiliates.

The community is actually made for experts in affiliate marketing than for beginners. All beginners are advised to start with platforms like Wealthy Affiliate to gain more experience before coming on board with Stack That Money.

I would like to mention that I’m not an affiliate or a member of the Stack That Money forum. That’s why I will try to be as objective as possible in this review. Here’s my Stack That Money Review for you.

A Quick Summary Of Stack That Money

Stack That Money ReviewProduct Name: Stack That Money

Founder: Founded by Stackman, Lorenzo Green & Besmir in 2011

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Forum

Price: $99/month

Best For: All Affiliate Marketers

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: Yes (for advanced affiliate marketers)


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What Is Stack That Money All About?

Stack That Money proudly says they are number one in the affiliate marketing business.

Unlike other marketing forums which offer free trails, STM does participate in such endeavor. And as such, each member meant to pay a $99 fees every month, though the system offers case studies, top-notch information, guides and a very nice community for its member to learn not just by themselves but among one another.

Stack That Money has helped a lot of people over the years. There is a particular example of a character named Chris who started learning from STM but has now made a lot of millions after working with them for quite a number of years.

What makes Stack That Money special and different from other affiliate marketing systems is that it charges $99 per month to its member when there are free affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate, or affiliate marketing forums like Digital Point, Warrior Forum and AffiliateFix Forum just to mention a few.

STM is top-notch and a premium marketing community to learn and work with it. There is no spam on the website, and everything available is of top quality. Looking at this feature of the forum, I recommend it because unlike other forums where members are occasionally spammed with a lot of low-quality information, Stack That Money stands like a king in such areas.

How To Make Money With Stack That Money?

There is only one way of making money from Stack That Money, which is becoming an affiliate for the forum. The steps in becoming an affiliate are outlined below:

  • Register as an affiliate from their website and pay the monthly fee of $99.
  • After receiving a confirmation that your account has been activated through your email, you then login into your account.
  • On your dashboard, you can either learn more and gain more experience or immediately start marketing their products.
  • When you are ready to start earning copy the affiliate link from the site and post them anywhere, you wish to advertise them.
  • When someone makes a purchase using your link, you get a commission from market health. This is quite an easy way to make money online, all you need to do is promote the product, sit back and get paid.

Stack That Money Resources

As mentioned earlier Stack That Money offers all most everything there is. So let’s take a look at some of its top features that will entice you.

Buy and Sell Spot

This section is meant to provide discount codes to its member. These codes are used in purchasing tools and software which are shared by fellow members. So this might interest because there is rarely any affiliate marketing website that provides tools and software codes for free.

Learners Section

The beginner’s section is meant to help beginners get along and familiar with the system. It includes a step by step guide that introduces new members to the forum. Apart from this section the forum also provides a ‘’follow along” section to enable newbie’s get feedback on their marketing business.

Traffic Discussion Section

Stack That Money helps its members in this section by providing them with the tools to increase the traffic coming into their sites through traffic generation methods. These methods include social media, mobile and adult traffic methods. The problem with Stack That Money is that they are mostly focused on paid traffic. So you will find little or no information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other traffic-related tools.

Members Section

This section is meant for members only, where they can talk about anything among themselves. Some usually brag about how much they are making, while some talk about things like finance, fitness, or any other topic they can think of.

Success Section

There is also a spot where members can talk about their success in Stack That Money over time. Apart from the pride, it gives members; they can also learn from the stories of other member’s stories. Another benefits Stack That Money provides is the conference it holds from time to time.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Pros and Cons


1. Available Information and Support

Stack That Money is one of the most informative affiliate forums in the game right now. Apart from providing helpful tutorials and guides to its members they also a lot of information aimed at helping its members increase their sales and make more money.

2. Top Quality

As mentioned earlier, Stack That Money increases their entry barrier to ensure quality to their website. They do this by making members pay, so the information provided by them are of top quality because everyone involved is of a serious mindset. This is quite different from other forums where no fee is required.

3. The Right Spot For Networking

STM is surely the right community to make new friends that can help you to grow and learn more things in the marketing business. From their regular conferences and networking events, one can make new friends apart from the information they get from such events.

4. Top Affiliate Members

Since Stack That Money is one of the top quality marketing forums around, there are a lot of top affiliate marketers on the platforms. So newbies can learn a lot from such experts as Jason Akatiff, John ChowCharles NgoJeremy Shoemaker  and the rest of them.

5. Amazing Traffic Source for Your Website

To get more traffic to your website, you need to find a good market, with engaging users first. Since STM can provide you with such a forum for marketing (forum marketing), you can get massive traffic to your website in no time if you do it correctly.

6. Supportive Community

STM provides top quality support to its members through its forums and conference. Apart from that member who is online all most every time can provide help and support to those in need of them.


1. Not Enough Niches

Stack That Money does not have enough niches when compared with other forums. They also focus more on paid traffic rather than SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. A lot of Information

There are a lot of areas where members can discuss anything, and there is a lot of information on the website, this can be a problem sometimes.

3. Lack of Support for Beginners

Stack That Money may have a section for beginners, but in reality, such section is of no use to beginners. This is because of the massive information there and as such newbies are not able to comprehend such information, or they take a lot of time in doing so.

There is also the problem of arranging the information in a step-by-step manner to make learning by newbies easy and simple.

4. Lack of Activeness

Over the years, Stack That Money has dropped in terms of activeness by members. It used to be a busy and popular community when it started in 2011, but now it is not as popular again.

Is Stack That Money Worth The Money Paid?

I will say YES because the value the community provides is even worth more than the $99 being paid. But the question to ask is that is it the right forum for you?

Stack That Money, as mentioned earlier on, is not meant for newbie, but if you are an experienced affiliate marketer and already started making a lot of money from other websites then STM is the right place for you because you can pay the monthly fee an also find mind-blowing information and also use them to increase your expertise.

So, if you are a beginner, STM is obviously not for you. I’m sure you don’t want to waste your $99 in starting when you might not earn from them.

Is Stack That Money a Scam?

No, is not a scam!

Stack That Money has proven to be a top-notch forum in the marketing world. And I can say people are making lots of money from the site every day. The testimonies by its member alone will convince you that Stack That Money is not just genuine but amazing.


Stack That Money is a very good affiliate marketing forum, I will recommend this forum to people because of the top-notch services they provide to their members.

Unlike other forums, Stack That Money is worth more than the fee paid. I can say this because their services are far better than in any other forum in the affiliate marketing business.

My favorite Affiliate Marketing Community

My top recommended affiliate marketing community is Wealthy Affiliate. So, if you are a beginner then I advise you to start with this platform.

Compared to STM (that costs you $99/monthly), to Join Wealthy Affiliate is completely Free. As a member of WA, you will get step-by-step training, also, 2 free websites to start building your online business in affiliate marketing.

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