ProfitsGram Review: How Can You Make Money From Instagram?

A lot of persons happen to be curious about ProfitsGram and always ask it is a scam or not. In this review, the answer to questions about the credibility of ProfitsGram is going to be revealed. If you are contemplating buying the product, you should sight tight and read this review until the end because it will help you a lot.

I will be giving you a detailed step by step guide as to what ProfitsGram has to offer and what is to be expected by all who purchase this product. You will also be given an objective verdict as to the possibility of really making very good money by using your Instagram account to share photos.

Another name for ProfitsGram is InstaProfitsGram and it actually claims to be a product which is designed to help Instagram users to monetize their account. The product also claims to give users the potential of raking in up to $200 daily or even $750 dollars every week.

Due to the fact that I had doubts, I had to go ahead to purchase the product for myself to have firsthand experience. With my experiences, I believe that will find this review to be very beneficial to you.

A Quick Summary Of ProfitsGram

ProfitsGram Scam ReviewProduct Name: ProfitsGram

Founder: Dawson Trevor

Product Type: eBook

Price: $37

Best For: Photography lovers and definitely not for Instagram lovers.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No


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What Is ProfitsGram About?

ProfitsGram is simply an e-book which is designed to teach you to make money on Twenty20.com through the sales of photos. ProfitsGram does not have any affiliation with Instagram in any way, not even Facebook. Hence, you would agree that the name “ProfitsGram” is misleading.

Basically, what the e-book teaches you to do is the best ways to sell pictures online in exchange for a commission. I would personally recommend this product for people who are passionate about their smartphones, or for professional photographers.

When you purchase the program, you can immediately download the ProfitsGram e-book which comes with all the vital guidelines and steps that are needed for you to use the device appropriately. With this e-book, you can begin your journey to making money by selling photos in no time.

The e-book from ProfitsGram will help you to easily comprehend the process with step by step lessons as it can be likened to an instruction manual that is all-inclusive.

How ProfitsGram Works?

As earlier mentioned, ProfitsGram does not relate to Instagram in any way and it is obvious that Mr. Trevor, its developer, is simply tying in Instagram as a strategy of promoting the product.

The product is just an e-book that has 46 pages which are designed to teach you on the best way to generate income through the sales of photos on a platform referred to as Twenty20.

Twenty20 is simply a Stock Photography Site that lets clients buy stock images while giving photographers a way to sell pictures online as images that are free of any royalties.

ProfitsGram Costs

To purchase ProfitsGram, you will only need $37 which is actually a discounted price from the program’s original cost.

You should also keep in mind that the developer of the ProfitsGram product which is also referred to as InstaProfitsGram gives you a 100-day money refund offer if you buy the product and happen not to like what you get.

You can easily download the product to your PC or other digital devices once you have made an online purchase through Clickbank at checkout.

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How To Make Money With ProfitsGram?

When you become a seller on Twenty20, the commission percentages that you will receive will depend on the varying plans, as well as licenses. All that is required is for you to create a seller account.

Once you have done so, upload images that have very high quality from your own smartphone. The images that you upload will undergo screening by the Twenty20 team and once it is approved, it will be up for sale immediately. This is basically going to be your job and that’s how you will earn your money once you can stick to the instructions you get from ProfitsGram.

Now you can see that ProfitsGram does not have anything to do with Instagram and Mr. Trevor just makes use of that name as a promotional strategy for the e-book since he believes that the active users on Instagram have a passion for taking photos with their mobile phones.

He, then, figured that these users would love the opportunity of earning money by taking quality photos from their smartphones and uploading them for sale.

Pros & Cons of ProfitsGram

  • Well-structured guidance on image sales

ProfitsGram is an e-book that gives you very thorough and detailed guidelines on how you can sell images online.

The e-book contains very valuable information with regards to the legal concerns associated with selling photos online, as well as, great tips and techniques to help you earn money from photos.

You’ll basically be learning about Twenty20 including the appropriate way for anyone to sell their images on the platform. As much as this is a benefit, it does not really have any affiliation with monetizing your Instagram page.

  • A credible refund policy

ProfitsGram offers you a 100% money return guarantee if you do not like the experience that you get from the product within 100 days. This is actually a good thing because it tells you how confident the developers are about the effectiveness of their e-book.

  • ProfitsGram is not related to Instagram in any way

If you have been reading along, you will have realized that ProfitsGram has no relationship with Instagram. The developers just made use of Instagram’s name as a way of marketing and generating sales for their e-book.

Honestly, this is misleading and creates a bad reputation for ProfitsGram because what they offer seems to be very different from what they make people believe.

  • The e-book has a far lower value than the price

The ProfitsGram e-book is sold at $37 and while this price may seem pretty affordable for many people out there due to the fact that it only takes a few dollars off them, I have gone through the ProfitsGram e-book and strongly reached the conclusion that what the e-book contains is not worth up to $37.

Even if the information on selling images for money online is quite detailed, they can still be accessed online at no cost. The Twenty20 platform also has a guide for sellers where they can still get this information for free. I, therefore, strongly believe that the e-book is not worth $37.

  • Not a reliable source for full-time income

While I am of the opinion that it is possible for someone to make money on the Twenty20 platform by selling quality images, the platform is highly competitive and making money will be quite difficult. If you are passionate about mobile photography and are willing to invest somewhere much time and considerable effort into doing this, then you could earn some cool cash.

However, if photography is not your passion, you could end up earning just small money from time to time. I would not recommend the platform as a long-term method for earning money.

ProfitsGram Ugly Truths Revealed!

Unlike what you have been led to believe, ProfitsGram does not relate to Instagram or even Facebook in any form.

Attaching the name of Instagram to the product is only a strategy by the developers to attract buyers for their product. This ultimately translates into failed promises because people were told that they could make money from their account on Instagram. Based on this perspective, ProfitsGram is a scam.

What the e-book is basically about is generating income from a platform called Twenty20 by selling images of high quality.

If you read many reviews of ProfitsGram on the internet, you will discover that the reviewers do not seem to have bought the e-book for themselves and as such are just promoting the product as an affiliate rather than reveal the basic truth about it.

Is ProfitsGram a Scam?

For the reason that the product happens to be misleading, ProfitsGram is a scam. All it just does is to build false hope in the mind of users and does not keep to its original promise.

Then again, you hardly get rich by selling images online and there is the possibility that you may not earn any cash ever. If you do not have a passion for this, you will be wasting your time.

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