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Welcome to my Pennies 4 Profits Review!

Lead generation has taken marking to a whole new level. When leads are generated, it gives the marketer easy access to a possible customer.

The modern-day marketers can get leads from online lead generation companies without having to do it themselves. Pennies 4 Profits is an online company that offers such a service.

There are two major types of leads, the sales lead and the marketing lead. Sales lead can be resold to multiple advertisers, as it is not brand-specific. The marketing lead is brand-specific and is generated for a specific advertiser offer.

A Quick Summary Of Pennies 4 Profits

Pennies 4 Profits Product Name: Pennies 4 Profits

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Email lead generation company through its membership

Price: $30/month + one time $30 setup fee

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


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What Is Pennies 4 Profits About?

A lot of internet-operated businesses suffer stagnation, because of their inability to reach out to customers that need their products or services. How difficult it is, for online business owners to create new content, having no time to spare for a lead.

Pennies 4 Profits ease this friction, and bridge this gap, by creating timely leads for online marketers.

Pennies 4 Profits generates up to 100 leads for their customers daily, for a monthly fee of $30. This means that a single lead is sold for $0.01, which makes them by far the cheapest online lead generation company ever.

How Does Pennies 4 Profits Work?

Pennies 4 Profits consider their mode of generating leads a trade secret, and so I can only talk about how it works on the surface. Also, P4P claims that their leads are generated through the over 300 joint ventures with the top internet marketing leaders.

Pennies 4 Profits demands a registration fee of $30 per month. Once this registration is complete, the marketer begins to enjoy up to 100 leads every 24 hours. These leads are timely, which shows that the leads are only recently acquired leads not recycled.

All these leads are sent as an email list, which contains the full name of the potential customer, email, and IP address. The marketer can now copy the list into Email Service Provider (ESP) for a follow-up.

Pennies 4 Profits allows marketers to use the CAN-SPAM complaint mailer, which keeps the emails sent to the leads from falling into spam.

How To Make Money With Pennies 4 Profits?

Pennies 4 Profits claims to have a high conversion rate, which means leads quickly converts to sales or deals.

Since the leads provided to the marketer are credible and specific to his products, when a follow up is done the potential customer quickly becomes a customer, and a deal is struck. A repetition of this would shoot the sales of the marketer through the roof and money is made.

Pennies 4 Profits sells a lead for as little as $0.01 per lead, which means a marketer can sell more products with no necessity to spend more. This saves the online business owner time looking for customers to buy his products and saves a lot of money spent on adverts.

Pros and Cons

  • Leads are generated every 24 hours
  • Leads cost just $0.01 per lead
  • Fresh factor date for each lead
  • 100 leads within the first five minutes
  • Availability of CAN-SPAM complaint mailer
  • No in-depth knowledge of the lead source, which means that the leads may not be interested in the products
  • Whether or not the leads would be unique for all members is not assured
  • The leads generated may not be specific to the advertiser offer
  • Only 24-hour money back guarantee. 24 hours is not enough time to test the functionality of the website. More time is required to know if the company can satisfy your needs or not.
  • Unknown owner. The copyright of Pennies 4 Profits belongs to another company that seems nonexistent.
  • Waste of time, a lot of time is wasted trying to surf through the almost bulky 100 leads list to check for spam emails.
  • Pressuring you into buying; threatens to o increase cost of membership to $1299 dollars per year if you don’t by now.
  • The list may be recycled, the list given to one member can be recycled and then sent to another member offering a slightly different product.
  • Leads are only from the USA. This can limit sales, as the internet is a meeting place for people. Limiting the leads generated to only the USA is cutting the market short.

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Pennies 4 Profits Ugly Truth Revealed!

Pennies 4 Profits claims to be affiliated to over 300 Joint ventures with the top internet marketing leads. But running the website through Alexa (a skill testing ground for website) it seems not more than 1% of their total traffic comes from search engines.

This is a blow to a company that claims to be widely known, having affiliations with dozens of ventures and has the highest quality leads. I mean if you claim to be known home and abroad, it is only expected for people to what to know more about you through search engines. I smell a rat.

When users talk about Pennies 4 Profits in the forums that I have participated in, they claim their first contact with Pennies 4 Profits is through safe-list marketing. Now Pennies 4 Profits claims to have the highest leads conversion rate. If these leads are doing so well in their conversation rate, why the need for promotion on safe-lists? This does not add up.

At the bottom page of the website, it says there that the copyright belongs to “Prospect Flow USA.” This means that Pennies 4 Profits is only a subsidiary of them. A short search on Google about ”Prospect Flow USA”, shows absolutely nothing, nothing that represents a big company that can support the operations of a company as lucrative as Pennies 4 Profits. This does not add up.

All of this points to the fact that, Pennies 4 Profits is an online lead generation company that can fold up anytime, and with no credible support or copyright no one can be held responsible.

What I like About Pennies 4 Profits

There are many things to like about Pennies 4 Profits. So I have decided to put down a short list of some things that I like about it.

  • Pennies 4 Profits list building system is offered at a low rate of $0.01 per lead, which is very affordable. This means almost everyone can afford to sign on for this opportunity. Although it is almost unbelievable that such acclaimed guaranteed leads should go for such a ridiculously cheap price. This creates an atmosphere for an online business owner to sell his products without having to spend too much on the acquisition of leads.
  • The leads contain the full name, IP and email address of the customer. This gives room for a more direct approach during a follow-up and can go a long way in helping the marketer seal the deal.
  • The compilation system generates the leads from up to 300 joint Ventures and marketing leaders. This means that the leads are Targeted towards the internet market community.
  • I like that CAN-SPAM complaint mailer is provided by Pennies 4 Profits. It would be nerve-wracking to have all the emails you send to the leads fall into their spam box. Pennies 4 Profits has definitely thought this through and their try to save their members from what would have been a total waste of time.

Is Pennies 4 Profits a Scam?

Every day a new venture is created on the internet with mouthwatering ideas on how to solve a particular problem. Whenever such a venture hit the internet, almost certainly, people would begin to ask if it’s genuine or not.

For a new venture like Pennies 4 Profits, that is making a lot of noise for itself on the internet; it is most expected that the same questions would be asked.

Is Pennies 4 Profits a scam? The answer is Yes.

Based on the following reasons it is safe to assume that Pennies 4 Profits is a scam and no one should waste time investing in it.

1. No independent testimonies by members. So far, the testimonies by users who have been benefitted from Pennies 4 Profits is nothing to write home about. For an online leads generation company that claims to have the highest conversion rates, offered at what is presumably the cheapest price ever, nobody seems to be singing its praise anywhere.

If the users are making money through it, it’s safe to say that some of them would be excited enough to write a good word about it. When claims do not match praise, it can only point to one thing – Scam!

2. Pressuring people to buy. It is in the habit of those who plan to operate a scam to hasten their victims into paying up early. This is because they plan to make a quick exit and any delay will jeopardize their loot.

On the home page of Pennies 4 Profits, they threaten to increase the price for membership to $1299 per year if you do not buy now. This would increase the cost for membership by over 360 percent. This definitely points to – Scam!

3. Alien owners. No information can be found on the company that solely owns the copyright of Pennies 4 Profits. So, what happens when the company folds up? Who do you hold responsible? Who would refund your money? The answer is NO ONE!

A company owned by another ghost company cannot be liable to any claims fraud. This fact alone is sufficient enough to label Pennies 4 Profits as Scam!

4. Bearing similarities with already proclaimed fraudulent sites. Pennies 4 Profits share basic similarities with at least 3 websites, who operate in like manner and charge the same fee. These ventures include Twice Confirmed Traffic, NewspapersAlive, and Organic Prospects. If it’s sharing similarities with fraudulent sites, it is best to assume that it is a scam too.


If you are thinking of purchasing this product, hoping that it would help your business and get you more sales, I would advise that you do more research. Everything about this product points to it being an elaborate scam.

From a distance, the opportunity it offers seems too juicy to miss but take a closer look, and you would see that it is all hoax. I know how hard it is to pass up on what seems to be the best deal, but not all not juicy deals are good deals. You just have to be sure what you are getting yourself into.

My Honest Advice To You

It has been shown that people ignore emails that are not related to them or emails sent by those companies they have not engaged within the past than emails that are related to their niche.

You should create your own email list instead of buying it. Buying the email list may lead to a waste of time because the people on it may not be interested in your products, but developing yours will lead you to engage with those who are interested in your product.

You may only buy if you buy the one related to your niche, but it may not be as effective as the one you developed yourself.

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