Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing Review. Which is More Profitable?

Welcome to my Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing Review

There are different ways to make money online, network marketing and affiliate marketing are two of the many ways of doing that.

Sometimes, you hear some people claim affiliate marketing is better than network marketing, and others claim the opposite. As someone who has tried both, I will try to offer enough arguments to help you to make the right decision.

Therefore, are you contemplating on which one to opt for? Take some time and read this review as it will help you a lot.

What Is A Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing

Another name for network marketing is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). The success of this business model depends on those independent individuals that decide to buy into the company’s thoughts and beliefs. They earn a commission when products are sold.

MLM distributors usually make the sales via direct selling, making use of attractive words, which are most times directed at friends and family members.

While they sell the product, they suggest you that many persons they sell to, try to join their team as a distributor, to allow them to reap the benefits of it.

Basically, the more sales you and your downline make, the more money that results to you.

For some persons, this is highly interesting because they don’t like to be perturbed by the rigors of the 9 to 5 job, in fact, for which most people hate their job.

This business model allows you to work when you want, and be your boss, without being disturbed by irritating bosses. You create your success without them.

Sometimes MLM Is Called A Pyramid Scheme

This term is normally used to talk about Multi-Level Marketing. Though there may exist very few legit firms, many of them are illegal pyramids. Regularly on the news, you keep hearing of a pyramid scheme that crumbled. A recent one was Vemma.

Herbalife is another one that seems to be facing a whole lot of pressure concerning their mode of operation. They were almost classified as a pyramid scheme by the FTC after hearing several accusations from its distributors.

A lot of times, the top executives and distributors will spend their time, speaking about recruiting, instead of focusing greatly on the product. They are interested in solely recruiting people to make money. You spend your time looking for people to recruit to ensure that you earn a large income.

Sometimes you have to pay an expensive membership fee to join them, and you should be ready to procure the products the company sells, which are usually expensive. This is to allow the company to pay those who bring down line to it.

This makes it very hard to get clients because there are a lot of products of similar or better quality on the market that are more affordable than the MLM products.

It is usually difficult to get recruits on board, that’s why you see many distributors inviting you for a cup of tea, to get to know you better. Once they have you seated, they start painting a great masterpiece that even Da Vinci will be surprised at, and try to get you to do what they do. Most times, they tell you that you can make money from the products that you use by referring people to buy the product, and join as downline.

Now, you know where they are going, but getting up rudely may not be your game plan. You sit down there and listen to their speech of how heading to a store to get a product was a waste of time when all you could do to earn was to join their team, buy products and convince those around you to do the same, and you earn a lot.

All you need to do is merely tell your friends and family members to join. And ‘voilà’, you are good to go.

They try to speak greatly of how you can make a lot of money by referring others, and advise to get others around you to do similar things. A mere cycle that will earn you money.

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Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

Network Marketing has its pros and cons. It may the best business for you if you have the sweet tongue, and can convince people to buy the products and join your team. It will make a whole lot of sense if you have people that are ready to work with you.

  1. There is a possibility that you will make money.
  2. A lot of times, the products being promoted may be useful, and appealing.
  3. It allows you to have more time with your loved ones, that is if it is successful.
  4. You are not involved in creating any product.
  1. You are allowed to sell only their products.
  2. You must regularly recruit people.
  3. There may be already thousands of MLM marketers around you, fighting for the same market.
  4. A lot of the sales are done offline via direct selling.
  5. You will receive a lot of No’s. It doesn’t matter if you talk about its products or it as a business opportunity.
  6. The products you should sell are usually more expensive than the market price.
  7. Your success is dependent on your down line. If they do not make sales, then you don’t earn money too.
  8. Your coach is normally your friend that joined a few days before you and is inexperienced too.
  9. You have to always procure the products to get paid

There are a lot of cons that come with MLM. Before you join a network marketing business, make sure it is legitimate and you have the skills to make sales and refer others.

MLM Business Model Doesn’t Last Forever

Forget the cock and bull tales about it planning to last forever. All those are lies. There are legit marketers, executives, and distributors out there, who may use MLM, but many of them are known to use a lot of unethical practices in this scheme.

Before you ask them questions, they already have sugar coated answers waiting for you. They point to those that have turned to millionaires from it. They point to those average people that are now swimming in wealth, and this may end up convincing you.

I agree that one could make a lot of money from it, but many of these marketers do not tell you the truth.

They do not tell you the stress involved, and how there is a great chance that you may not get clients for their products because of how expensive they are. They do not tell you how many people will refuse to be your downline because of the fear of pyramid schemes.

The truth will remain that the average MLM is not sustainable, as marketers and executives are interested in recruiting people than selling the products. The products are usually expensive for clients to purchase.

An MLM may last longer if products were made cheaper, but this will mean the payouts to those who bring down line may be little.

The most important question now is:

Is it worth to Waste Your Time with Network Marketing?

My answer is ”No”.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to earn commission from promoting other businesses’ products and services, via an affiliate network. It is different from MLM that makes you buy products at an expensive amount, get down the line to join your team, and try to sell the exorbitant product.

In the case of affiliate marketing, for your service of getting people to buy through your link, you gain commission. The products and services are usually of top-notch quality, useful and affordable, meaning that there are a lot of people that may need it.

Let’s use a salon for example. You make your hair at a salon that does a great job and still run a referral program. Your friends are disturbing you to tell them what salon you make your hair at. You let them know and tell them to let the salon know that you sent them. Your friends- the new clients- are your referral.

This is a simple form of affiliate marketing. You are called the affiliate. The salon then gives you a bonus for bringing the new client.

Check out here for another example of what is affiliate marketing and how to succeed with it.

To get started, you should do the following:

1. Choose a Niche

It’s important that you choose something that you love and are crazy about.

You may have found the best beauty and hair products and salon, and you want others to know. You may know of natural methods to treat one’s hair, and you want to get others to do so.

You may be a traveler that has traveled a lot and want to tutor others to travel easily on a budget. Anything you fancy talking about can be your niche.

Check out my post about how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing.

2. Create a Website

Most people that do affiliate marketing usually think that creating a website is not easy. That’s for the past. Now, you can easily create a website with a few clicks. A website can be opened in a few minutes, and it will be functioning.

Your website will be used to speak about the products and companies you are promoting. Many people run great websites, with great content that they use to promote products in an ingenious manner. You can do the same. Choose companies that fall under your niche and you are knowledgeable about.

Here is my post about how to create a website.

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Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Like MLM, Affiliate Marketing has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Its overhead is affordable.
  2. It can be made a full-time income.
  3. All you need is a computer and the internet.
  4. Earn as you learn.
  5. You can easily create a passive income via this means.
  6. You can become your boss.
  7. You are allowed to promote whatever product you want.
  8. Anyone can start it.
  1. You are paid only when a sale is made
  2. It is competitive if you don’t use SEO.
  3. It may take months before results are seen.
  4. Self-discipline may be needed, which is hard with the distraction in your daily life.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

It is very legit. You can make a lot from it, but it is not a Get Rich Quick scheme. There is hard work involved. It may be hard at first, but keep your eyes at the goal, and don’t give up. Once you pass the beginning phase, the rest is easy for you.

Why Should You Choose Affiliate Marketing?

There are three main features on why you should choose affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate Marketing is a very cheap business

When you look at the cost of starting it up, you will realize that you may spend little or nothing to get it running. You don’t have to worry about getting a storage space to store up products. You don’t have to think of paying money to experts to get a service developed. You just have to understand the rudimentary and be ready to work.

2. Affiliate Marketing makes sure you are independent

With affiliate marketing, you are the boss of yourself. Yes, you read that right. You decide when you want to work. You decide if working from a café, or home is great for you.

All you need to do is have a great internet connection. If you are not lazy and put an effort, you can earn a lot from it. Like earlier said, it is not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich scheme for hard workers because they can earn hundreds of thousand yearly, or even millions.

3. The Affiliate Marketing business model will last for many years

This business will continuously exist as many companies will always rely on online marketers and bloggers to advertise their services or products. As long as the internet continues to hold sway, affiliate marketing is not going anywhere.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

My answer is definitely ‘’YES’’; is worth every penny and every second you put into this online business. Moreover, affiliate marketing is a business where the possibilities of earning money are endless.

All you need to do to succeed in the affiliate marketing world is to use the tools of internet marketing open to you, create an interesting blog, and start earning. Dedication is key.

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