Is Social Media for Affiliate Marketing?

Is Social Media for Affiliate Marketing?

Shopping via social media is becoming more popular as more people join social media platforms to check on their social media influencers and shop products related to them. A large community of users and active buyers spend more and more time browsing through at least one social media platform.

What is Social Media?Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

Social Media is a collection of communication channels that allow for interaction, content sharing, and communication. The different kinds of social media range from applications and website that are used for blogging, marketing, social networking and social bookmarking.

In business, social media is used to promote brands, connect with customers and promote new business relations.


Some Examples of Social Media
  • Facebook allows registered users to create a profile, update pictures and posts and connect with friends and family as well as new people all over the world.
  • With Twitter, users can post short messages known as tweets and follow tweets posted by others. They can also create a networking and communication profile.
  • Google’s social networking is known as ‘Google +’ and it allows people to relate closely offline.
  • LinkedIn is specially designed for the business community and allows members to network and relate with others in the professional world.
  • With Pinterest, users can find images relating to products of different categories and also find a link that directs them to where they can get the products.

Using social media, marketers can carry out surveys and create contents that will help them garner buyers and interested users. Social media analytics allow companies to gather data and use that information in making business decisions.

Through social media, individuals with similar business interests can relate and solve business problems together.

Customers can also use social media to place suggestion to companies and instruct them on better ways to improve their products and services. It basically creates a world for marketing, networking, and communication.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning commissions by marketing products of other people.

In affiliate marketing, the two parties concerned are the seller and the affiliate marketer. The seller is the person or company who has a product to sell. They are not necessarily involved in marketing. The affiliate, also known as the publisher can be a company or a single individual.

An affiliate marketer is involved in the marketing of a product or products such that it generates actual buyers. He can do this by running a review blog of the merchant’s products or by creating an entire blog that is aimed at helping customers find such products easily.

Usually, the affiliate marketer reviews products using YouTube channels or produces valuable and interesting contents on a blog. The affiliate marketer is charged with the responsibility of making sure that customers can easily locate and actually buy a particular product.

For merchants, affiliate marketers provide them with extra free traffic, no marketing risk, and more sales. Basically, affiliate marketing is a transaction between an affiliate marketer and merchant in which the marketer promotes a product and the merchant pays the marketer for any click that leads to a sale.

In affiliate marketing, the marketer is charged with the sole responsibility of creating quality contents. As an affiliate marketer, once a customer clicks on an Ad or a Link in your blog or website and makes a purchase, the company is alerted that the referral is from you and pays you the commission associated with that product. In some cases, the consumer is aware of the affiliate marketer and in other cases, they are not.

An affiliate marketer is an intermediary between the merchant and consumer. He has to create an avenue for consumers to easily locate a product and be actually interested in it. He employs every tool at his disposal, including images, reasonable links, and quality reviews.

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How is Affiliate Marketing Linked to Social Media?

Social media is the number one way to get people that will buy a particular product. It creates a platform for active users and prospective customer. The world is evolving and as such more and more people are choosing Instagram or Facebook over their websites.

A large percentage of people are on one social media platform or the other. People browse more through pages and read reviews to get products that offer them the best benefits. An affiliate marketer attempts to place his review and link in a place where buyers can easily locate and buy. Social media provides that needed platform.

Using pictures and quality posts on strategic social media platform, an affiliate marketer can get to connect with their active visitors and convert them into active consumers.

Social media also allows customers to relate with other customers and share their experiences using a particular product. Using social media, customers can connect with valuable products and browse through multiple options.

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How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income?

Increase your income with Affiliate MarketingUsing social media to generate sales is not just about posting website link or affiliate link but creating value. You have to create posts that are capable of capturing attention and generating people’s interests enough to get them to buy a product.

Customers have come to recognize affiliate links and usually avoid them as they believe you are only interested in their money. However, you can create a redirect link as this is more attractive and simpler. Your contents are very important in garnering interests. You have to produce quality contents that actually enlightens your users.

For example, if you are an affiliate of a company that sells blending machines, you could create an article that talks about capabilities, costs, benefits of owning a blender. You could then add a button link or banner ad that directs your readers to the best place to get quality blenders. It is best to create contents in a way that seems like you are talking to a friend or close one.

You could create a post that reviews different products from different brands and offers your visitors the best choice for them. You could make your blog 80% entertainment and 20% promotions. Your visitors will be more interested in what you have to offer that way.

Keep the majority of your posts free from affiliate links and focus more on being helpful and entertaining. Pictures are a great seller and are capable of getting people’s attention. Include photos in your posts as people are more interested in pictures than words. A great social media platform that allows for this is Instagram.

You can also increase your affiliate marketing products by advertising products of high quality. It is not about the number of products you sell but the quality of them. Advertising a product that you are passionate about and that has high positive reviews will surely gain you more visitors.

A great way to maximize social media for your affiliate marketing business is by being really active. Communicating and posting regularly is extremely important and helps to keep your audience informed. Be sure to respond to comments and tweets and take time to learn about your audience, their interests, and dislikes.

It is also important not to use too much social media as this can keep you distracted. Focus on one or two social media platform and maximize your use of them to generate sales.

You can also relate to other affiliate marketing by sharing posts, links and communicating effectively with them.

Using social media, an affiliate marketer is better able to connect with a large audience and make a profit.

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Pros and Cons

  • Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy. You simply create a website, choose a compelling niche and the products you wish to market.
  • Using social media as an affiliate marketer is a great way to develop an online presence. Because social media has a large community, you get to connect with valuable customers.
  • Social media is of different types and as such, you can utilize any of them.
  • You have a large base of competitors. It can be a lot of work standing out from others as many people also use social media for affiliate marketing.
  • Use of social media in affiliate marketing has almost rendered those using websites less popular.


Affiliate marketing is simply a way of making money promoting other people’s products and using social media is a great way to do that.

Becoming an affiliate marketing is easy but getting active buyers can be a lot of work. Creating contents takes time and effort and you must be willing to use as many resources as are available at your disposal. Use reasonable keywords that rank high in SEO tools and search engines.

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It is best to promote products that you are interested in. This basically means products you will actually buy for yourself.

Social media is a great platform and can serve as an immense advantage in affiliate marketing.

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  1. I love using social media to extend the reach of my affiliate marketing business. My favorites are Facebook and Pinterest. I also post on other social media sites, but I’m not so active as on these two. I think some platforms just “stick” for certain people.

    I’m just starting to dip my feet into the YouTube space as I think the potential for growth there is enormous. 

    I agree wholeheartedly that creating value by posting consistent and engaging content is the most important step for any internet entrepreneur. Being active on social media platforms is essential. 

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment! 

      I fully support you, YouTube is a platform with an enormous potential, of course, if you know how to work correctly with and how to monetize it.

      I recently wrote a post “Can I Earn Money With YouTube?” I hope it will be useful for you.

  2. In recent years, social media has been a way to market products.  Affiliate marketing was something I recently learned about. 

    This article was very informative on how to use affiliate marketing on social media. With all the people using social media to market these days I can see how that there can be a lot of competition when trying to market certain products. I recently started using Facebook marketing so this article was a very good read. 

  3. Becoming an affiliate marketer is easy to setup and begin the process, however, to make it work and for it to become successful, may take from 1 year up to 2 or even 3 years to start seeing things really moving.  So the order of the day is to be patient and persevere especially when you feel like nothing is happening from all your hard effort and work day in day out.

    Affiliate Marketing Training is essential if you want to succeed and reviewing products is a long and laborious hard task, but most rewarding in the end.  You can help people to avoid scams and dodgy opportunities by knowing the truth and in turn informing the internet world what to look out for.

    Yes, we can earn a good income from being an affiliate marketer, but as with all things worthwhile, we have to stick at it and make it to the finish line.


    • Thanks a lot, Edu, for joining the discussion.

      Indeed, affiliate marketing is amazing and we can earn a lot from it. However, the results depend on how much effort we put in it to achieve our goals. Some affiliate marketers get results in less than a year, but others need more time.

      Affiliate marketing is a business like any other, needs time and work.

      All the best!

  4. Great article on social media. I believe that social media is very important in affiliate marketing, social media is the way of the world now, and being active on social media is very important to your success online. I find that Pinterest is very useful to me, most of my traffic to my website comes from Pinterest.

    I think that anyone in affiliate marketing, or any business for that matter who does not use social media, is really losing out on traffic and business.

    • Hi Jenny

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate your contribution to my post.

  5. I find social media an awesome way to generate more traffic to my sites.  There are many ways of getting traffic either by paid ads or organically through SEO, but utilizing social media is crucial for a successful online business.  I personally love using Pinterest.  I find that you can create pins that highlight juicy elements to your posts, and will lure people in to check out your site.  I’ve gained so much more traffic through Pinterest than any other site. 

    Twitter is another great one as well, but you have a be on it a little more and be very active and follow a lot of people to really get notice.  You also have to really utilize hashtags too I find.

    • Hi Nicki

      Thank you for your comment, also for your advice. Appreciate this!

      Indeed, Pinterest is amazing and can get you a lot of free traffic on your website. There are many persons who recommend this platform.

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