How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program is a program launched to help website owners, bloggers, and Amazon sellers make money through advertisement of Amazon products.

The way it works is that website owners and bloggers provide links which are to serve as referral for those browsing through their website and/ or blog. If the customers click on this link and purchase products on Amazon, the blogger or website owner usually known as an Amazon associate earns referral fees. If the customer’s purchases any product placed in their cart within 24 hours of clicking on the link, the affiliate gets the commission that comes with that product.

How Much Can You Earn?

As an Amazon affiliate, you can earn from $0 to $25000 in a month. Amazon usually offers commission on products ranging from 4%-8.5% depending on what category the products belong to.

Basically, it means if you provide a link that directs customers to buy a toy, you get 3% on the amount spent. If it is a link for furniture and home decor, you get 8% commission. A link that directs them to purchase jewelry and accessories will provide you with 7% commission while outdoor products and tools earn 5% referral fees.

Another thing to know is the fact that if a customer clicks on your link and decide to buy something else on Amazon, you still get the referral fees for whatever they purchased. All this is only done within 24 hours of course.

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How Do You Start as an Amazon Affiliate?

Starting as an Amazon affiliate involves going through a series of steps. They are:

  • Have a blog or website. Making money from Amazon products simply means adding links to your blog or website. Start a free blog using Blogger or WordPress. Begin to produce creative and professional contents, one in which you are passionate so you can get followers. If you own a website that advertises different products, you could become an Amazon affiliate as a way of making money. You could also open a website for that purpose.

You don’t know how to create a website or a blog? Don’t be discouraged. You may want to look at Wealthy Affiliate. An all-in-one platform which can help you to start, grow and maintain your affiliate marketing business or other online business, in any niche you are interested in. Also, you can read the following post.

How to Create a Website or a Blog from Scratch

  • To gain followers, open a social media account for your blog. What really matters, however, is the quality of your content.
  • Sign up as an Amazon affiliate. Go to affiliate-program.amazon.com. Be sure to understand what products are eligible and things you can do wrong that will get your account pulled down before you start. Click on the join now button and include your email address, Amazon username, and password. You will also be asked to fill in your website details. From here, you can browse for products on Amazon’s associate central.
  • To select products, it is best to select ‘best selling products’ in any category.
  • To add Amazon links to your blog or website, include them as a recommendation, preferred vendors and best of links. If you make it obvious that you just want to make money, buyers are likely to lose interest. Place your link in a way that captures their attention. You could also include an image or text the link. Once you select a product, you click on the ‘get link’ button to get the link for the products you want to sell.

Products That Should You Promote (recommendations)

Because Amazon pays a depending on the category your products belong, it is best to promote products that are not only expensive but that belongs to the highest paying category. For example, Jewelries and accessories sell fast and provide you with a 7% commission.

Before selecting the products, go through customers’ review to be sure the product is actually good. It is also advised to check how often people leave positive reviews on a particular product.

How To Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Income?

Increase your income with Affiliate MarketingMaximizing your Amazon affiliate income depends greatly on how well you are able to make your site better than others that are ranking high on google. Getting people to actually take an action on your blog or website involves strategies and well-defined plans.

The most important way is to create quality contents. To do this, you have to understand what your visitors want and how best to respond to those needs. You can do this by checking the products offered by your competitors and making yours more appealing and better.

Instead of just writing a plain paragraph, you could also set up a quiz box using Thrive leads that attempts to quiz visitors on challenges they encounter and their personal preferences.

In the end, you could just direct them to a landing page that delivers a link to their best option based on the answers they provided. In this way, you produce solutions and value for your visitors. This is definitely a way to generate sales.

You can also make a comparison between two similar products and add a link that directs them over to Amazon.

A great way to also increase sales is to attach images that are actually affiliate links. When visitors are reading through your product review, they are more likely to click on images. If your image is an affiliate link, you are more likely to get buyers. Additionally, you can add a link to your sentences.

You can also use Heat maps to locate places where visitors click the most. With this knowledge, you can easily position your affiliate link there.

If you really want people to take actions on your link, be sure to create reviews that are fair and honest. You don’t have to sound overly positive. It is safe to list out cons associated with a product versus another product. Your customers feel you are not just trying to sell them a product, you are also trying to create a solution for them.

In addition, you should also pay attention to products with the seemingly low commission. There is high competition with products that have a bigger commission. You could create a niche for yourself with products that are less competitive and actually sell a large number of products monthly. At the same time, focus on high converting products, that is the best selling products on Amazon.

You could also post recommended products in festive periods like Christmas or Thanksgiving. People are always buying things during this period.

When it comes to making a profit, the most important thing is trust. Once your followers trust you and believe you are interested in helping them make the right choice, it becomes easier to get generate sales.

How To Write An Amazon Product Description To Generate Sales

Affiliate Marketing Successful bloggerHaving customers that will click on your link and actually make a purchase depends on how appealing your product description is. Although there is no guarantee that a particular description is what really works, there are ways you can improve on your product description in a way that appeals to buyers and search engine.

The first thing to do is to know your target audience. Learn about their gender, income, interests, and lifestyle. You can check Google or Facebook for this information. Describe products by relating to them personally. You can do this by going on Amazon to check the things you actually like and the things that really attracted you.

Keywords are relevant search items visitors use to find products. A great way to create the perfect content for your product is by maximizing keywords and SEO tools. It is best to include phrases that people look out for when buying products e.g writing most economical home furniture is better than just writing ‘home furniture’. Don’t stuff too many keywords in your contents. Create topics that are appealing and interesting.

Make use of bullets when describing your products. In a simple and concise manner, describe your product’s key features and benefits.

You can also compare your products with similar products and highlight why yours is better.

You can also include HTML codes to make your description easier to read. It is important to be positive and less patronizing.

Also, you can check Fiverr.com or any other platform for more on writing and advertising services.

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How To Add Amazon Links To Your Site

Adding Amazon links to your site is pretty simple. Once you have registered as an Amazon Affiliate and filled in the required information, you simply select products you want to advertise in any category and click on the ‘get link’ button to generate a link for that product. Once you get the link, you copy and paste it wherever you wish to on your blog or website.

Pros and Cons


  • It is very easy and free to sign up.
  • For customers, it provides them with the convenience of browsing a trusted page to purchase an advertised product.
  • Amazon is a trusted site and as such people are more likely to buy products from them providing you with the means to rack up profits.
  • You also have many products to select from in whatever category.
  • You get paid for any product the buyer ends up buying. For example, if you place a link for accessories and the customer end up buying a TV, you still get paid the commission attached to buying a TV.


  • Competition is very high as many people are into it.
  • The 24-hour time frame is very short compared to other affiliate programs.
  • You could get banned easily which will actually make you lose money.


Being an Amazon affiliate can actually be productive if you are very strategic and smart about it. The market is large and as such there are many competitors. However, you can make yours stand out amongst the rest. This all comes down to creating reasonable and interesting contents, building your niche and describing best selling products in the highest paying category.

Be sure to find out things that could actually get you banned and avoid them. Some of them are:

  • Using Amazon affiliate links in your emails and offline products.
  • Displaying the wrong price.
  • Directing customers to Amazon automatically.
  • Shortening your link.

My final verdict: RECOMMENDED

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All the best!


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  1. I just wanted to thank you for explaining so clearly exactly how to join the Amazon affiliate program and how to market the products.  You are very honest about the competition, and I like that because I’m fairly new at this and learning, and I like how detailed you are in your explanations of the process.  You even help with writing the product description.  

    Thanks again!  Great post!

  2. Very informative I enjoyed the breakdown of the steps to get started with Amazon Affiliate program. Thank you for explaining this as I too want to get into Amazon affiliate marketing because of the huge selection of products. Again thank you for the article and will put it to use.

    • You are welcome! I’m glad that my post was helpful to you and thank you for the comment. I wish you a lot of success in your online business!

  3. Have looked into online marketing, but not really much into being an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. You make some very compelling points and I appreciate that you give very good detail on how to go about starting the process. 

    I think I will have to give this a good deal of thought and maybe become an Amazon Affiliate marketer and begin selling Amazon. Thank you Anatolie, for the insight and detailed information on how to do this.

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