Clickbank Review. Is It Reliable Or Is A Scam

Clickbank is a popular online market for buying and selling digital and physical products. Clickbank has been in the business of online marketing for over 2 decades with millions of users worldwide. If you are in need of a place to buy software, eBooks, phones and laptops and so on, Clickbank is the place for you.

Apart from buying and selling, one of the opportunities Clickbank provides is affiliate marketing. Clickbank gives you the opportunity to make money online by promoting products that you don’t own as an affiliate marketer.

My review will concentrate more on the affiliate side of the Clickbank, so, if you are interested in how to make money through affiliate marketing then keep reading.

A Brief Overview

Name: Clickbank
Website: www.clickbank.com
Launched: Since 1998
Owners: Tim and Eileen Barber
The Marketplace: over 200 Million customers and working with more than 6 million entrepreneurs
Price: Free to Join as an affiliate
Who is it for: Apart from selling products, this platform is for anyone who is looking to make money in affiliate marketing.
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Recommended: Yes, if you are looking to sell/promote products through your affiliate marketing business.

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About Clickbank

Clickbank was founded by Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998 in San Diego, California. With efficient services and credibility, Clickbank reached out to customers all over the world. By 2011, the site had over 1 million affiliate marketers with over 100,000 of them constantly active.

In the year 2014, Clickbank had risen to over 6 million customers in about 190 different countries. Clients worldwide were attracted to the platform because it was efficient and easy to use for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs. From then until date, Clickbank handles more than 30,000 transactions daily.

Clickbank offers you a wide range of product categories from which you can choose to sell/promote or to buy. These categories include Business and Investing, Computers and Internet, E-Business and E-Marketing, Education, Jobs, Fiction, Food, Wine & Cooking, Games, Green Product, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Languages, Mobile, Parenting and Family, Politics and Current Events, References, Self Help, Software and Services, Spirituality and Alternate Beliefs, Sports, Travel and so much more.

How Does Clickbank Work?

On Clickbank, you get the opportunity to sell your own products as a Vendor or you could promote the products of others as an Affiliate Marketer.

Clickbank act as an intermediary between:

  • vendors and customers or
  • vendors – affiliate marketers – customers.

As a vendor, you will submit your products to the Clickbank marketplace which is browsed by affiliates and customers. So, if you decide to become a vendor, then all that you need to do is set up a sales page, download the page and list your price. The product will be available immediately for others for purchase or promote.

Because Clickbank act as an intermediary they will take a small fee for confirming payments, processing orders and handling customer service. The fact is that it is much easier to work with them and avoid the complex process of opening a merchant account to take all orders online.


There are thousands of affiliates currently that promote Clickbank products. Many of them are experienced internet marketers.

So, if you decide to become a Clickbank affiliate marketer, you get the possibility to promote any kind of product from the marketplace. Clickbank has products in any niche you are interested in.

To sell the products as effectively as possible, the vendors will provide you with the marketing materials that include the sales letters, banners, and in some cases even the email marketing campaign letters.

Moreover, all products have a 60-day money back guarantee, that makes people more willing to purchase.

Benefits of Being a Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank offers many benefits and some of them include:

  • High Commission Rate – As an affiliate, Clickbank provides you with a high commission rate ranging from 10% to 70%. On Clickbank, you can choose which commission rate is most favorable for you to work with.
  • Wide Options – As an affiliate, you will get a long list of products and categories on Clickbank to promote. The product lists are so much that you can be guaranteed not to run out of products to promote. Also, if you get tired of promoting a particular product, there are always more categories for you to choose from.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to stock up products or bother yourself with shipping. All you have to do is post a link and encourage the customers to buy them and you get a commission based on the commission rate you choose.
  • Easy To Use – Clickbank is an easy market to get into. There are no difficult conditions or requirements. All you need is to provide your details and sign in. There is no need to make any investments. The online market is also very user-friendly. It is easy to understand and very efficient.
  • Guaranteed Payment – Payment is guaranteed in Clickbank. The website is designed in a way that vendors cannot cheat an affiliate. Immediately after a sale has been completed, the money gets paid into your account.
  • Availability – Clickbank is available in every country. You don’t have to be in America to purchase products from Clickbank or to become an affiliate. All you have to do is register these details when signing up and the payment will be sent to your account in your country.

How To Open a Clickbank Account

Opening up a Clickbank account is quite easy for all the benefits it provides. You go to the Clickbank website and choose the ‘Sign Up For a Clickbank Account” option. Then you fill up all the information on the page which include your personal information, banking information, and account information. After filling up your information, read the terms and conditions. If you find the terms agreeable, you do a reCaptcha test and your account gets opened up.

Becoming a Clickbank Affiliate

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically a market arrangement where you are paid after you have sent your customers to the original marketing site.

To be more specific, to be an affiliate marketer with Clickbank means that you find customers who need products which Clickbank offer on their platform. You refer them to Clickbank website thru affiliate links and when they purchase the product, you earn a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to succeed with it?

On Clickbank, anyone can become an affiliate. There are no special tests for eligibility. You can also become a Clickbank affiliate from any country. And it is free. All you have to do is search on the website for a product or products which you would like to promote. When you decide on one, you will be provided with a special link which you can send to potential customers to access the page.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the concept might be new to you. If you are conversant with affiliate marketing but you haven’t worked with Clickbank and are unsure of the process then you need some questions to be answered.

For questions such as how it works, how much you will earn, how the sales get tracked and reported and when payment takes place, this overview below will help you out.

To work with Clickbank as an affiliate marketer, the steps you need to take include:

1. Go through the list of products and make a choice of the product you would like to promote. Take some time before you decide the niche and carefully select your product. Nothing can be worse than having a product that does not convert.

To choose the best product for your niche pay attention to the following pointers:

  • The Gravity Score – show how many affiliates had made sales in the past 12 weeks. It gives you an idea of how popular is the product and can also indicate the competition. Choose a product that has a gravity score of less than 50.
  • Initial $/sale – show the average amount that an affiliate will earn from one sale. It also includes the sales tax, refunds, and chargebacks.
  • Avg $/sale – This number is the same as the initial sale and is for one-time purchases only.
  • Avg Rebill Total – will be shown if the Vendor offers recurring billing. Products like subscriptions or memberships that bill customers every month will show up under this statistic.
  • Avg %/sale – show the average commission rate earned for all the sales of the vendor’s products, including re-bill, one-time purchases, and up-sells.
  • Avg %/rebill – show if the vendor offers a recurring billing product. It will show the average commission rate earned on rebills.

2. Create a customized HopLink. When you decide which product to promote, select it and click the ”promote” button. You will get a link that contains your referral tracking URL. Every time someone clicks and buys through your link you will receive a commision.

3. Promote the product to potential buyers online. When a customer clicks on your HopLink, they get directed to the product on Clickbank. If they purchase the product, you get paid by Clickbank as a commission for promoting the product. Your commission is paid into your account within two minutes of the sale.

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How the commissions are calculated

On Clickbank, every product has its specific commission rate which its vendor sets. These commission rates vary from 1% to 75%. When a sale is made through the link you provided, Clickbank calculated the sale and takes out your commission from the total profit and then sends it to your account.

Selling the same products might have a different commission rate for each time you sell it. Most of the time it is increased for your benefit. The highest commission amount you can receive per single sale is $150.

Example of Earning Commissions & Getting Paid

Payment On Clickbank

You can choose to get paid as often as every week, through multiple payment options.

There are just two requirements you need to meet with in order to withdraw your earnings:

  • A payment threshold which you have made in your settings. This is the amount of money that you must have in your account before they will send your check or make a direct deposit. The default setting is $100.
  • You must meet the customer distribution requirement. If you live in easily accessible countries, you can receive your payments via direct bank deposits. If you live in a country which cannot work with direct bank deposits, you can have your money wired into your account.

The only downside is, when you promote the sale of a product which is returned, you will not receive an affiliate commission. When this happens, all money is refunded to the displeased customer so both you as an affiliate and the vendor will have to refund the money.

As an affiliate of Clickbank, you are guaranteed payment after promoting a sale. That is, you cannot be cheated by vendors. Clickbank takes charge of tracking a sale so they make sure vendor pays up a commission to affiliate. This is because vendors are informed that if they try to cheat an affiliate by not paying up, they will also lose their part of the sale.

As an affiliate, it is advisable that the products you choose to promote or facilitate its sale has a profitable amount of commission. Aim for products with at least a 30 to 50 percent commission in order to make a reasonable profit. This is also helpful considering Clickbank has a fee which they deduct from each sale.

Thanks to Clickbank’s HOPLINK™ tracking system, you get paid for your sales even if a customer waits up to 60 days to purchase after clicking your link.

Create Your Clickbank Account Today

Clickbank Customer Support

Click here to see all options of Clickbank support.

Clickbank Pros and Cons

Well, after reviewing the Clickbank affiliate side, it is necessary to examine the good and bad aspects of the affiliate marketing platform. Below are some pros and cons of the Clickbank platform.

  • High Commissions – Clickbank has probably the highest commissions among all affiliate marketing platforms and can rise up to 75%.
  • Anyone can register – It is very easy to use the platform and the easy registration process makes Clickbank the first choice for new affiliate marketers.
  • Free to register as an affiliate of Clickbank – no charge is required for signing up.
  • A large variety of products to promote – you will get a long list of products and categories on Clickbank to promote. There is no limit on how many products you can promote.
  • Multi-Language Support – this aspect of the platform allows you to promote products in four different languages.
  • Minimal promotional restrictions – the most important restriction is the Spamming, which is not allowed. You can promote your products through websites, blogs, Youtube, email marketing, Udimi Solo Ads, other paid traffic platforms and social marketing.
  • Guaranteed Payment – Payment is guaranteed in Clickbank. The website is designed in a way that vendors cannot cheat an affiliate. Immediately after a sale has been completed, the money gets paid into your account.
  • Availability – Clickbank is available in every country.
  • The support team is a bit slow to respond – it takes to long to get a response from support team.
  • Insufficient promotional tools – as a Clickbank affiliate you are totally dependent on the Vendor if we refer to tools. Some merchants will offer quality promotional materials and tools while others will offer nothing. Sometimes you will have to create everything yourself.
  • 60-day refund policy – because of the high refund rate, some customers tend to purchase, use the product and then get a refund. Because of that, you will not receive the affiliate commission.

Is Clickbank Reliable?

The answer to this is Yes.

Clickbank definitely is not a Scam, but because of its large marketplace and, also, because is available to everyone the platform attract the scammers as well. As an affiliate marketer, you should always make a research on the products that you plan to promote.

Clickbank has been in business since 1998; has over 200 Million customers and working with more than 6 million entrepreneurs. This has put Clickbank in the top 100 biggest internet retailers in the whole of North America. In 2011, Clickbank was named the top affiliate network in the United States by Revenue Magazine. Also in 2016, Clickbank was included in the top 100 internet retailers by Internet Retailer Magazine.

Only credible online marketplaces get these reviews and ratings hence you have nothing to worry about when using Clickbank.

My final verdict: Recommended

Please feel free to leave a comment below; moreover, if you have used Clickbank as an affiliate or vendor before, please share your experience with us, this can help others.

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  1. This is a great overview of Clickbank! I agree with you though that their promotion tools leave little to be desired leaving affiliates to rely on the vendor for banners and such which I have found many of them just don’t take the time to create an offer. You can’t beat the high commission rates though so you take the good with the bad.

  2. Clickbank is an absolutely great place for affiliate marketers. It is especially great for affiliate marketers new to the game. I have been selling Clickbank products for over 10 years and let me tell you the commissions are the best anywhere in the industry.

    I do have to tell you that you do need to be careful. While Clickbank is a great market place there is also a lot of products on there that are absolutely nothing more than garbage. So, as a marketer, you will need to do your homework to make sure you find the products that are the best.

    Thank you for writing this article. It was a great reminder for me and a great article for anyone looking to get their affiliate marketing strategy going. Dale

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