10 Reasons on Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

My last years have been spent on online marketing, and I have used numerous marketing products. I have continuously penned reviews about them. There are some products that I have refused to review because they are scams because I don’t want my followers losing their money.

There is no good internet marketer that wouldn’t approve of Wealthy Affiliate. It updates itself regularly with innovative knowledge, tools, and resources. It is one internet marketing product that I will advise beginner, intermediate and professional internet marketers to use.

I will go ahead to show you what you will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, and how the free account, as well paid premium account can benefit you. Wealthy Affiliate is tailored to cater to those, who want to benefit from the training, support, and community of professional affiliate marketers. If you want to be a successful online marketer, then try out the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

You are wondering why I am speaking greatly of Wealthy Affiliate Program, let’s break it down.

#1. Free to Get Started Without Time Limitation

There is the free membership offer: You can easily open a free account, without paying a dime.

Many Affiliate programs may claim to offer a 100% risk-free trial, but they do not do it in the truest form, unlike Wealthy Affiliate. Some say it is free, buy at the end, they bill you within seven days automatically. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t bill you until you have decided that you will upgrade to the premium package. It is legitimate.

You can be a free member on Wealthy Affiliate as long as you want, and you are not asked for payment information, meaning that you can access its free tools and resources for as long as you want.

Enrolling yourself in the Wealthy Affiliate Free membership package avails you the opportunity to a lot of training, unlike the Free membership package of other training platforms. Being a free member gives you a lot of features, and you will not be forced to upgrade.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required

#2. Innovative and updated training.

There are some problems that face training products, and they are very annoying. The products are usually outdated. If they are not outdated, they are a total scam. If they do not fall into the two above, they are very hard to understand and follow.

Not applicable for Wealthy Affiliate!

The co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, spends his time recording the training he uses on himself, and they are very easy to understand.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that updates regularly their training. The platform, as well as its products, are known to be updated quickly. It is unlike other platforms that are very slow, and give their users outdated information that went out of use years in the past.

This means that you will continuously be taught updated information and offers new and innovative tools that you can use on your website to get the needed traffic and improve your income.

One of its free courses – Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 – tutors you on how to craft out a website, how to continuously bring out a content of high quality, how the optimization of your website can be done to improve its rankings and so on. The free training will tutor you about a lot of things. The training products are awesome and updated regularly.

Many times, using an internet marketing training product can be cumbersome, as you have a lot of things to learn. This may make you feel confused or even upset, as the overwhelming information can annoy you.

Wealthy Affiliate may have a lot of details, but they put it up in Classrooms – sections that allow you to choose the one you want to learn, and when. You can easily read about a part when you want it, and have training focused on an aspect. You can even go ahead to learn via video lessons and so on. If you have a problem in building your site, you can easily learn about it with detailed lessons, instead of having to sift through a lot of lessons.

Don’t you know how to design your site? There are very detailed training concerning it.

Also, you could read my posts about:

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#3. Live support and private access to the founders

You are confused and need help, but you aren’t getting the help you want in the community or training, you can easily send a private message to the founders. You can easily reach them, and have them discuss with you. The co-founders are known to be easily accessible, unlike other training platforms out there.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Center

#4. Jaaxy – Efficient Keywords Research Tool

Using Keyword research tools are great, but they are extremely expensive. Getting a good keyword research tool costs a lot, from the amount of $50 to over $500.

The Wealthy Affiliate free membership gives its users access to Jaaxy, an innovative and regularly updated Keywords Research Tool.

Wealthy Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to a free keyword tool that allows you to craft out a very profitable internet business. If you want to succeed as an internet marketer, then it is important that you use a keyword research tool to remain elegant.

This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. Its free keyword research tool saves you the stress of paying for an expensive keyword research tool that may not be regularly updated.

Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Tool

#5. Website Builder and Free Hosting on Siterubix.com

When you join as a free member of the Wealthy Affiliate program, you are given hosting for 2 websites. Wealthy Affiliate Program comes with a simple website set up procedure. All you have to do is to click a few options, choose the website design you want, and type on the ‘Build’ button. It’s that simple.

You should note that, as being a free member, WA gives you access to only two websites, with the subdomain of SiteRubix, meaning it will be Sitename.SiteRubix.com.

When you upgrade to the premium package, you are given the opportunity to host as many websites you want, and you can make use of any domain names you want.

After you have created the first free website that Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership offers you, you can start training.

#6. Quality Web Hosting with FREE SSL

Free SSL certificate on Wealthy Affiliate

In order to offer a good experience to your website visitors, a quality hosting server is necessary to ensure a good connection and fast loading.

When you become a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you are availed with quality web hosting for as many websites that you want, and they come with Free SSL Certificates. The websites will have your domain names, and they are safe and free.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer – enables the websites to transfer data via a secure route that is encrypted. It makes your website safer for your visitors and also helps you rank higher in Google.

An SSL Certificate can cost hundreds of dollars yearly. Here is an example of SSL price.

You could also take a look at this video, where a WA member shows examples of SSL Certificates and makes comparisons between them.

However, the Co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, Kyle and Carson, think that everyone has the right to have easy access to a secured website. Therefore, they offer SSL Certificates for Free.

SSL Certificate from Wealthy Affiliate

Do you want a website that is ranked higher and improves your income?

 Then Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free 

#7. Website Comment & Feedback Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Comment and Feedback Platform make me happy.

Firstly, you can easily comment on the products, training, and resources at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is interested in your comment and feedback, as it allows them to improve on their products and training. The thoughts of their users are important to them, and whatever problems users may face are easily rectified.

Secondly, there is a Site Comment Tool which offers the opportunity to comment on other websites to earn credits. Later with these credits, you can ask for comments on your website.

Wealthy Affiliate site comments

WA Website Comments & Feedback

Ok, maybe you’ll wonder why do I need that?

Having comments and engagements on your website will definitely improve your ranking on search engines. As you can see this tool is very useful especially if your website is new and because is difficult to get quality organic comments as you just started.

Moreover, there is a Site Feedback Tool which allows you to offer feedback on other websites to earn credits. Again you can use your credits for feedbacks or other comments on your website.

With Site Feedback, you can get suggestions, constructive or critical opinions about your website from Wealthy Affiliate members to help you to improve it.

Tell me, isn’t this platform awesome?

Wealthy Affiliate – A Thorough Review About the Platform

#8. Earn Money by Teaching Others What You Know

As a professional, you can tutor on Wealthy Affiliate and earn from it. Wealthy Affiliate is interested in the knowledge of users, especially professionals, and are ready to pay those with the knowledge. You can learn on Wealthy Affiliate, tutor and earn too.

Again, isn’t that awesome?

**Note: Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create training only after you’ve been a Premium Member for 3 months.

CLICK HERE and check what more you can have as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

#9. You can be a part of a true community

Have you ever seen a training product that has a lot of community members that are like-minded, and easily interact with one another?

Have you seen one where the community of users is interested in helping one another? This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. You can get help even at 3 am.

Get help on Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate system allows people to constantly share their knowledge and experience with other members.

Moreover, as on other similar social media platforms, you can create your own network by following or unfollowing other members. You can also participate in all discussions, to give questions on training or blog posts or you could help others if you can by answering their questions.

#10. A Free Trip to Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference

Well, if your business is the cake then this is the cherry on the cake! And YES, you didn’t see wrongly!

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to have access to a free trip to Las Vegas, as long as you are eligible.

Every year, any member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform have the chance to be invited to Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Conference. That means you get the chance to meet the Co-founders of WA, Kyle and Carson and many other successful members of the platform.

Ok, Anatolie, but what are the Requirements?

The requirement is simple. If you can make 300 unique Wealthy Affiliate sales between Jan 1st and December 31st you are invited to Las Vegas next year.

Don’t be afraid, is 100% possible for you to achieve this. People who are going there are normal guys like you and me. You have more than enough time to achieve this, just follow the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training and apply it.

Wealthy Affiliate Program tries its best to ensure users are satisfied, and that can be seen in the case of the free Las Vegas trip.

Take a look here to this post ”Vegas 2018. It Was Big. Vegas 2019 Will Be BIGGER”.

Do you want a free trip to Las Vegas?
Then Get Enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Free Starter Membership or Premium Membership

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. You are free to explore and enjoy the WA platform. However, you should understand that as a Starter Member you are limited in your access to all training.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option
Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

I love the Free Membership features of this program, as it offers a great model that others should follow when the free membership account is concerned.

With the free membership, you getting access to some features forever, like:

Education Features & Benefits
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – you get access to the first 10 from 50 lessons of this amazing course.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – you have access to first 10 from 70 lessons. If you decide to grow your business in the “make money online” niche, this course will help you to pass from a potential newbie to a successful entrepreneur
  • Classrooms – Gives you access to 2 of 12 classroom that covers all the topics that you need to build a successful online business.
Website Features & Benefits
  • 2 Free WordPress websites
  • Free hosting (usually, web hosting cost is around $10/mth)
  • 12 Free WordPress themes
  • Free plugins which are doing your website more efficient
  • Virus & Malware protection for your websites
SiteContent Features & Benefits
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform – this tool can help you to efficiently build & organize your content.
  • Grammar & Spelling Perfection – none of us have perfect grammar or spelling, that’s why this tool will help you to find and correct the grammatical errors.
  • Templates for Efficiency – will improve your content design & creation by 300%
Free Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche & Website Research Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Tool is revolutionary tools that every successful online marketer has to have it. As a free member, you will have 30 keyword searches a month and also you can use Jaaxy SiteRank to track your website rankings.

Here is my official Jaaxy Review.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

 Create Your Free WA Starter Account Here 

Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate

In this option, you are given access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you really want to build your online business and earn greatly from it, you should be on the Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

CLICK HERE to see what you can have as a Premium Member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


Even for professionals in the field, the Wealthy Affiliate program has to offer new and trendy tools in the system. The help, tools, and resources in Wealthy Affiliate program are shocking for that amount.

Daily, I see new training videos, live weekly video training sessions, and these sessions are filled with intriguing information. Their archive of training videos that have been in existence for years can also be browsed and watched.

What about their unlimited live support, or the opportunity to chat with professionals in the field?

Wealthy Affiliate Program contains EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

But, probably, the most important question for you is:

Does Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Definitely YES! It is worth every minute and cent that you will spend on it.

Are You Ready to Give Wealthy Affiliate a Shot?

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required


All the best!


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  1. About 5 years ago I started my journey of a blogger and since the Wealthy Affiliate community has proven to be a gem for me, as now I am a owner of a 3 successful websites. 

    I think the video tutorials they provide makes setting up a website very easy and moreover they are always ready to help you out in any queries or if you want a review of your website(which personally helped a lot in improving my website). 

    The SEO they provide “JAAXY” is also very informative and serves my purpose. Jaaxy is an amazing keyword and niche research tool and not only.

    After such an experience I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is new in this field as this worked pretty well in my case.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and their Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is really powerful.

      I wish you to continue to be very successful!

  2. Anatolie, your website is very informative and professional. Your review of Wealthy Affiliate left nothing out!

    I’m impressed with the ease with which a person reads the content. Your images fit your subject matter. I love your top menu arrangement. You have a website that is very appealing and very well designed!

  3. Hello, how are you? This is a very complete review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I used it only a few months ago, and it definitely changed my life from the first day, and that I discovered the platform by mistake, but it’s something I appreciate that happened to me.

    The training is very good, and Kyle personally helped me in several doubts I had, I think that is invaluable.

    I recommend to all those who want to have their own online business, to join WA, they have nothing to lose and, nevertheless, they have a lot to gain!

    Greetings, Pao.

  4. I love the 10 reasons you have provided to become a part of Wealthy Affiliate. The one that I’m most interested in is the trip to Las Vegas. 

    You have definitely provided a lot of information for me to digest right now, I am a newbie in the affiliate marketing world. I did not know that there is this much wealth of information that Wealthy Affiliate provides to their members.

    Thank you for making my research a little bit easier on Wealthy Affiliate and taking the advantages of the premium membership which they offer.

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